Thursday, November 10, 2011

Storm Hag and Frost.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I haven't been able to get into blogging much. Not much to say really. It's been a rather dull and mostly uneventful autumn. We had a brush of snow one day last week....a sign of what's to come. It melted pretty quickly and ended this jays look of confusion. ......."What's happened to the food??"

Himself has gone off to Spain for a month which gives me some lovely time to myself. I've planned on getting a lot of stuff done. He thinks that I might have all the holiday decorations up when he comes back. I thought it would be a bit too early but on thinking about it, there will just be a couple of weeks until the holidays by the time he arrives back. My daughter will likely be here next week for a few days so I'm looking forward to this. Speaking of which, yesterday, while taking a break from cleaning, I made her this Storm Hag. She's a fierce old girl and will protect the home from storm damage during the winter months.

We had a bit of frost last night so before it warmed up and the frost melted, I took this picture of some moss with ice crystals.

And, a Dragonfly garden ornament.

The last touch of summer/fall. This Phlox is still hanging in there despite the many cold nights.

Last night I noticed that the moon and sky were looking rather witchy like so tried to take a few pictures. I wish I knew more about how my camera worked. This is the best I could do.


Tricia said...

I know what you mean about blogger's block!! But it's always good to hear your news. Love the Storm Hag.. I shall have to try that.

and nothing much wrong with your moon/sky shot that I can see!! Very atmospheric!!

Ali said...

I'll have to find out more about this Storm Hag. She sounds interesting. I love moon gazing too, but I'm not sure my digi cam is up to taking decent photos. Though yours is quite good I think.

You don't mind your partner being gone for a month to sunnier climes? I think I'd be wanting to go to.


CopperCreeker said...

blogging... i come and i go :0)
i always enjoy your letting us have a peek of your home and life.

Sondra said...

I have been absent from blogging regularily for a while now...have had to re-prioritize my life now that I am back to work full time..its not what I want but its a must do for now..
Love the frosty photo..very well done. I am a moon fantatic so I was Stunned at how beautiful it was tonight...I ws driving home and didnt get a chance to photo it but did get a decent one the day before yesterday.
One tip I can give is to shut out as much light as possible when trying for a photo and use a manual mode,I use the highest F-stop on my camera its 8, then I use the lowest ISO on my camera its 64 and then zoom in on the moon and use auto focus I giggle with the shutter speed until the moon is not just a bright light (1/200) something on the fast side... so you can see the topography sort of..hope this helps you get the shot you want!!

Cicero Sings said...

Blogging has been hard for me too ... since D died ... but I keep at it ... every now and again.

A storm hag ... now that is interesting! We were having a wee snow storm this afternoon.

Pete said...

some nice pics oc. the weather is grey everywhere I like the blue skies even if it is cold!!

blogging block? well we all struggle!

Victoria said...

I get blogger's block, too. In fact I'm stuck in it right now.

The photos of frost are beautiful, as is the photo of the moon, and I love the Storm Hag!

The Wessex Reiver said...

We all get block at times, it's hard work keeping the intellectual thoughts going but you do it so well. Glad you're back (like me). Love the storm hag creation, will look into that