Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mostly Birds

Not much happening these days. Wishing that spring would hurry up. Still snow around and we're in for another load on Tuesday and more on Wednesday. We were in Gander on Friday and I picked up this lovely plate at the second hand store. It's the size of a dinner plate and I would have loved to find a set of them. Unfortunately there was only one but it will come in as a serving plate.

Lying down reading, I came face to face with Frankie lying on my chest.

The cats enjoy an afternoon of napping as well.

Many birds around these days.

One snowy day recently.

Some feathered friends.


Sondra said...

awww now I know where all the pine siskins your house!! Normally we get a large enough flock to winter with us this year Zero!
The plate is a real beauty, it will make a wonderful serving piece!! Really love the kitty photos...hang in there Spring is on the way.

Tricia said...

Wonderful birds visiting as usual; and very contented cats and even a contented foot of an OC??? ;)

Hope you get spring soon..

Toffeeapple said...

So lovely to see all your gorgeous birds but when will spring start for you? I have a friend in Helsinki, Finland and they have more snow too.
We are unseasonably warm for March with temps in the early 20s Centigrade.

oldcrow61 said...

Toffee apple, we will likely see the ground again sometime in April. We are mostly hovering around 0 C these days at least during the day.

Cicero Sings said...

Seeing you cozied up with your cats almost makes me want one ... but Mingus will have to do ... he is pretty cuddly too.

Ali said...

Gorgeous photos as always. I love how indolent your cats look! We're just coming out of an unexpected and very welcome week of warm, sunny weather.

However today it's back to early Spring as usual. Great while it lasted though.

Victoria said...

I love the pictures of the cats and the birds and the squirrel. The plate is absolutely gorgeous! I collect plates, too. I hope Spring arrives for you soon...