Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Chimney Cleaning.

It was time to clean the chimney once again.   I'd been waiting for warmer over night temperatures but there was to be no let up of the bitterly cold for a week or more.    This morning when I got up I decided to take things in hand and get the job done.   The fire had gone out so I turned on two portable heaters to keep the chill off until it got light enough for me to go outside.   This would be about a three hour wait.   I went out with a flash light to see if there was much ice and snow on the roof  and looking up at it from the ground, it seemed okay.    Then I thought to myself, if it was icy, once I got up to the peak, if I kept the chimney in front of me while I walked down to it, then if I did end up on my behind and was quick enough to spread my legs, the chimney should stop me from going over the other end.   Well, the light was just coming over the horizon when I decided to get going.   There's an extension attached to the older part of the house and that was almost all iced over.   Not only that, there's a tin or aluminum flashing thing between the two parts that I'm not suppose to step on so I always jump over this both coming and going to and from the chimney.    I saw that I could manage it to get to the older part as I'd be going up hill but on the way back I'd be going down.   No way I could risk that jump as I knew I'd go sailing.   I did get the chimney swept out without incident.   So, on the way back I had to sit on the peak of the house and slide down over the flashing onto the extension.    Then crept down, one tentative step at a time until I got to the ladder.  What a fun morning.

We still have lots of snow and it's not over yet.   Once the month of February is over, I always feel a sense of hope that spring is not far off.    The cats are not liking this winter weather at all.   They get quite bored and sleep a lot.

The crows still arrive each morning between seven and seven thirty.    Usually eight of them.   I'm sure they must be from the same family.   They were delighted with the left over spaghetti that I put out a couple of mornings ago.

I miss my partner but what else would I expect after all these years.   However life must go on and time heals.   I'll be buying an apple tree in the spring to plant and put his ashes around.  

Well, I'm off.  Things to do!


Tricia Ryder said...

Carol - you never fail to entertain me and make me laugh. Although I'm delighted you got it done without mishap!!!!

The cats do look wistful don' they.....

Take care now... :)

Cicero Sings said...

You are a brave one doing your own chimney! I always wangle someone else into doing it!

Mingus isn't keen on the cold either ... definitely too boring inside. Our cold isn't to break until after the weekend.

I am sure you are missing Himself. And yes, one must plug on. Four years coming up for me in June.

Alison Harriman said...

Your brave, climbing over a snowy, icy roof! Winter is leaning hard on you over there. Here its mild, but for the past two or three weeks, we have been getting one Atlantic storm after another, with rain and high winds. There is severe flooding in some of the southern counties and its thought that if and when it ever stops, there will be areas permanently lost.

I love the idea of an apple tree as a memorial to your partner. I hope you have lots of company over the Winter. Its been my experience that lose is somehow easier to bear when you can spend more time out doors.


Sondra said...

Have you tried those creosote they work? I will have to clean out the chimney of the fireplace at the house I'm redoing, but having just healed and still trying to get back my hands...I don't think I'm gonna go up on the roof again, at least not right now...its very steep. I tied a rope around the chimney that I used to pull myself up with, and hold onto so as not to slide off... not up to that and the leak I'ave been up there to fix at least 3 times is BACK,,,I will have to hire someone...
I agree you must go on, its the best way to honor him, to continue to care for the home you both shared and loved.

Victoria said...

You are brave, OC! I always pay someone to clean the chimneys.

Love the photos of the cats and the crows. I wish we had crows here, but we only have ravens. I like ravens, but I like crows much better!

Take care...



Pete Duxon said...

you are unique OC!! don't change :)

Toffeeapple said...

Oh how odd, over here, we clean our chimneys from inside the house. I sure as heck would not climb on any roof!

Of course you miss Himself, I hope that the healing process is starting now.