Monday, February 17, 2014

Wild and Windy Night.

The wind overnight was awesome and still going on.   Howling with huge tall Spruce trees dancing.   We lost the power for a few minutes, not surprising as it seems it doesn't take much for the power to go.   You'd think by now, living in a place that has the most wind than just about any other place, that they would have a handle on this. 

Saturday morning after I got up and ran the hot water, there was none.   Only a bit of warm water coming from the tap.   I figured it must be that one of the elements had burned out and that would be a problem this time of year.   If that were the case the hot water tank would have to be drained.   Not a nice thought when a hose would have to be hooked up and put out through the door to drain all the water out of the tank.    I called an electrician who came yesterday afternoon.   He checked the elements and found they were okay.  The problem was that a wire inside the top of the tank had burned out.   It was fixed and I now have hot water.   It's true enough, you don't know what you've got til it's gone.    We don't really appreciate the hot water and electricity at out finger tips.   We take it all for granted.

I believe some of the snow has shrunk this past while although there's still at least a couple of feet of it in the garden and on the lawn.  I have my fingers crossed that the bitterly cold nights are over.  

A wonderful find at the Goodwill.   I love them.   I find them very theatrical looking.  

And to end off.....the boy, outside.


Alison Harriman said...

How are you doing? I'm glad you weren't without power or hot water for long. I know all about the wind. Here in England it's been one Atlantic storm after another since Christmas. Hers to an early Spring for everyone.


oldcrow61 said...

I'm doing fine Ali. I've been hearing about all the stormy weather you've been having over there. Seems like it's been a rough winter for both of us.

Tricia Ryder said...

Seems we've got high winds both sides of the pond OC!! Love the masks..

Glad you're power wasn't off for long and you've got hot water.. yes we are so used to having them that.....

Roll on Spring - everywhere!!