Friday, March 07, 2014

Hard Winter!

I was sitting here thinking this morning that this was the winter from hell.   Not only that himself was so sick and then passed away but the brutally cold nights and many days as well.   The pipes freezing twice, having to then let the water run every night after so they wouldn't freeze again.  Putting up with the loads of snow we've had this winter.   Dealing with five cats that have cabin fever at this point.   Having to make a trip to the dentist to have a tooth repaired.   Now with tendinitis in the elbow.  Got a prescription from the doctor for that but when I read the bad side of taking those particular pills, ie:  bleeding stomach, stroke, etc.  I only took two of them.   Then the ice build up, about six inches of it under the snow on the roof and.because the sun is giving off more heat these days, the ice is starting to melt and I now have leaks.   Then late in the afternoon when the sun goes down, the ice and water freezes and the leaks stop.   I went up on the roof yesterday and pushed as much snow as I could off that area but don't think it did much good.  I expect I'll need a boat to get out of here by the time all the ice melts and comes through the roof, haha. 

So, then I thought, girl, you're feeling sorry for yourself.   And I thought of the people with no food, no roof over their heads, sick and miserable and my problems seems so small.  I have two wonderful fellows, I'll say looking after me, that are making sure I have enough wood to burn, freeing up the frozen pipes that I had, just being darn good people.  I wouldn't have survived here without them.  Other friends are coming to my aid with getting me to appointments, etc.  I really am blessed.  So, as bad as things seem there are so many others worse off. 

A rather cheerful picture taken in the kitchen.

Now I must go and take care of the water that's running in under the front door...sigh!


Pete Duxon said...


Hilary said...

Tendinitis in your elbow. It signifies the inability to cope with change. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You are blessed. Soon it will be spring/summer and you will feel 100% better.
I love you

Say to yourself "I easily flow with new experiences new direction and new changes"

oldcrow61 said...

There could be something in what you say Hils. xxoo

Toffeeapple said...

I hope that Springtime comes to you very soon. x

Tricia Ryder said...

(((OC))) How did I miss this post...??. Go away snow/ice, bring on spring!!

Victoria said...

OC, after what you've been through this winter I think it's ok to allow yourself to feel a bit sorry for yourself. What's really great is how quickly you started counting your blessings. I'm so glad you have friends looking after you, lending a helping hand when you need it. Be sure the kitties have their inflatible vests on when the melt starts, ha ha.



Sondra said...

I felt like I was reading my winter story there for a moment, sounds very similar! Of course you have had it much worse..... losing your loved one.
I also have tendinitis and take that awful med when I cant take the pain anymore and the broken bones did help any...
and I also have a cobalt blue bottle collection in my kitchen window!!
Hope both our Karma's get more inline as this year goes forward! Just wondering are you also a Libra?

oldcrow61 said...

Sondra, I'm a Taurus. Funny how we are alike in the things you mentioned.