Monday, December 08, 2014

Glitz and Colour of the Season.

Minus 13 overnight last night and this morning.  I got up during the night to check that the water pipes hadn't frozen and put some more wood in the stove.   There was still fire in when I got up for the day so wasn't too bad.   It's turned out to be a nice sunny day but cold. 

I decided to decorate for the holidays this past weekend.   A bit early for me but I had bought a new 7.5 ft. pre-lit tree so was a bit excited to see what it was going to look like.  Young Tommy gave me grief in the beginning but has been surprisingly good since.  Fingers crossed that it remains that way.   My mom gave me some houses from her winter house collection so with the few bits I had myself, I made a little village.   First time and I'm really pleased.   So, without further ado, here's some photos.


Tricia Ryder said...

I just love your Christmas villages, tree and all your decorations. Hopefully young Tommy will continue to be good... :)

Sondra said...

wonderful decorations...I really like the village its so warm and cozy looking.

Nan and =^..^= said...

So magical! Hope Tommy behaves. He looks mighty interested in that tree.

Victoria said...

OC, your tree, mantle, village, wreath, angel, Santas...they're all so beautiful! In the third photo, Tommy looks like he's saying, "What? I'm being good...I'm just sitting here, being good." Right. And we both know what comes after that, lol.



Alison Harriman said...

Your decorations are wonderful, but that kitty looks very interested in them too! It's cold here now, although by Newfoundlamd standards, I don't think -3 qualifies as anything to get excited about.



Victoria said...

Just dropping back by to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.