Sunday, January 04, 2015


-18 degrees last night.  The fire had gone out so it was rather nippy in the house to say the least.  I sometimes envy people who just have to push a button or turn a knob and their house is toasty.  I had all of that for years but eventually chose to move to the country 35 years ago and  now only have a wood stove as my source of heat.   I love it here but don't like the winters.   It can be brutal at times.   I find that the older I get the harder it is on me.   However, it's worth putting up with winter to live in this beautiful area. 

New Years didn't come in with a bang for me.   It never does really.   In bed by eight o'clock as usual and up around four.   I have been spending some time over the holidays on reflection.   A good time for it really.   Two days ago I took down all the decorations.  They had been up long enough and I wanted to get things back to normal.   Now, of course, as happens with crazy gardeners, I'm dreaming of spring and looking through the seed catalogues that have started arriving. 

Jack Frost paid a visit overnight. 

Sunset a few evenings ago.

One wonders how the poor little birds survive.  I do put sunflower seeds and suet blocks out for them so hopefully that helps keep them warm on these cold nights.

The cats are fed up with the winter.  Disgruntled Malachi.

Tommy attacking his teddy.

That's it.  Have to go check on the fire.   I wish you all a wonderful and happy 2015. 


Toffeeapple said...

The same wishes back at you too, OC.
Lovely images of the cats, but those windows look frightfully chill, do you not put up drapes in the winter to try to keep some heat in? I don't envy you having to light the fire in the morning. Stay well and warm.

Sondra said...

Life does get harder as we age...I don't mind roughing it but I also like my creature comforts...we heat with those portable oil/electric heaters...but our weather is mild compared to yours. I used to heat my Upholstery shop with one propane gas heater it was the unvented type, easy to install and not too expensive to keep it filled. Might make a good back up to the wood heating.
The kitty's all look comfy and cozy!

Tricia Ryder said...

Brrrrr indeedy. Malachi's got the right idea and as for Tommy.. having fun.

Happy New Year to you.. may it get warmer very soon xx

Pete Duxon said...

Happy New year OC

-18?? I'd hibernate! and WHY get up at 4?? still dark??

Victoria said...

Happy New Year, OC. The photos of the sunset are stunning, and the cats look adorable. Hoping you all stay safe and warm!



Stewart said...

Yes that does look cold. look after yourself OC, and watch for bears when collecting wood. We love to hear about where you live on your blog and imagine what it would be like. Take solace in the beautiful place you live in and the good you do for your fellow creatures. All the very best for 2015.

Stewart n Jane xx

Ali said...

I feel for you O. C. I don't like Winter any more either, I think its more to do with the fact that British houses and their heating systems leave a lot to be desired. My parents had a wood furnace and a wood stove in their house in Salt Springs, New Brunswick. If anything it could get too warm in there if Dad was!

Ali x

The Wessex Reiver said...

These frozen window images reminded me of the first images I came across in your blog, maybe back in 2008 - evocative. And so the blog remains Oldcrow. A super foray into Newfoundland life and wildlife. But yes, as I age too cold gets to me.