Monday, January 19, 2015

Sun shiny Day.

Seems it's been a couple of days of endless work what with the new lot of snow we have.  Yesterday I shoveled the two decks and two sets of steps, then shoveled a path down to the driveway again.   Came inside for a break then went out and did the driveway, that's a big job at least for little old me.   Then knocked icicles off the roof as well as using my new roof rake for the first time to haul snow off the roof.   So this morning after walking up for the mail just after daylight, I knocked more icicles off the roof, front and back and then threw up some ice melt disks, a new thing that's suppose to melt through the ice and make a way for the water to run off.  I have my doubts about it working really, but fingers crossed.   Last winter an ice dam built up on the front causing the water from the melting ice to go under the roof, down the walls and over the floor.   What a mess.  Carpets and linoleum had to be taken up and thrown out. 

 The seed catalogues have started to arrive.   Excitement reigns!  I suppose like every insane gardener, I get so excited looking through them that I have to put them aside in order to settle myself down.  Spring doesn't sound that far off now. 

A flock of Evening Grosbeaks arrived the other day.  Beautiful birds.

I intended on doing some sewing over the winter but the needle on the machine broke.  My machine is an old Singer treadle.  It doesn't use electricity, it works by your foot motion.   I absolutely love it and have been using it for years.  

I'd say it must be near a hundred years old.   Anyway, I got in touch with the Singer Company to see if needles were still available and apparently the answer is yes, so I've ordered some. 

And the last picture is of dear Tommy looking out at the snow and wishing it would disappear.


Victoria said...

Oh, how I (and I bet Tommy) wish you could send that snow here to drought-bedeviled California!

The Evening Grosbeaks are so beautiful!

Your sewing machine is wonderful. My husband inherited a similar one from his grandmother, but it doesn't work. I'd never thought of getting in touch with Singer, but I will now.



oldcrow61 said...

I hope you can get it fixed Victoria. It's a wonderful thing.

Tricia Ryder said...

I admire how you cope with all the icicles snow ice etc. etc.... and wish for yours and Tommy's sake that it will go away soon..

amazing sewing machine!!! stay warm ad take care my friend... :)

Lovely pics... espesh the ones of Tommy and the Grosbeaks...

Toffeeapple said...

I don't envy all the work that the snow brings you and hope that the ice melts work.
I learned to sew on a similar machine, many years ago.

Ali said...

I love showing the natives over here what snow really is. It's evil,of me I know, but they collapse in panic over a few cms, and that's only,an occasional occurrence.

On the pro side, you can start planting weeks earlier in England. I'm already eyeing up the pots of early Spring bulbs that are available.


oldcrow61 said...

Ali, I've heard what a little snow does to people over there, lol. I do get jealous of your early spring. Sometimes ours doesn't come at all. Not what one would call a real spring.

malitoo said...

thank you for following my own blog about living in an empty village.
Your pictures remind me of why I am here.!
Any day without snow is a good day.! ;-)
I salute you, for the determination to exist in such a harsh environment.
I will send you a picture of what a neighbour has made from Singer parts...