Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Roof Problems.

Up on the lower roof twice yesterday.   Although I thought I'd been keeping most of the snow off an ice damn had built up on the edge of the roof once again and another one about two feet behind that.  After much pounding with the back end of an axe and chipping part of it away, then shoveling what I could off, I was beat.   I really only managed to make enough of a break in the built up ice to at least let some of the water work its way out.   Something will have to be done this spring to fix this situation.   I've heard of liquid rubber and liquid plastic that can be applied to low roofs to keep water from seeping through and coming into the house by way of the ceiling.   Fortunately I only have this problem in one room but that ceiling will have to be fixed as well.   My body is aching all over today.   The joys of home ownership!  I need a young fellow at my beck and call, lol.

Half way through March and winter hasn't been too bad at all.   No complaints from me.   Not long until April and hopefully the worse will be over.   The garden is still covered in snow.  Only about a foot of it over most of it.

Lots of birds at the feeders.  I have a feeling that we may get an early spring out of it.  The red you see in the feeder is something I had to put inside because one of the squirrels had chewed through the wire that holds the seeds in and they were falling out.   I don't know what to do about it as I have to keep raising the red thing higher and higher.   At this rate the feeder will soon be useless.

A bit of a fuss between a chick a dee and a finch.

After the trouble I had with Tommy last year when I put up the Ostara Tree, I had decided not to bother this year.   A friend convinced me to try again so I went and cut some branches and while the boy was asleep, I stuck them in a high container where I had some flowers.   Put tiny lights and lots of eggs on it and took a picture.    About an hour later I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.   There he was on one of the steps, banging the eggs about.   There was no way I could get him to stop so I took it all apart.   I was so disappointed as it did look pretty.

The tree that WAS!

That's about it for now.   Must get going again.

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