Friday, November 04, 2016

Fairy Glen and Other Things.

I have the garden put to bed as much as it's going to be.   It's hard to keep up with it as I've gone too far for one person to handle with all the spaces I've used up.   On saying that....I am late summer I cleared away a nice size area to make a Fairy Glen.   Yes, I don't have enough to do already, ha ha ha.  I'm not putting all the houses etc in there until spring but here are a few things I've placed there and a couple of things I've made so far.   I figure it will be a work in progress over the winter.

Here is a look at the Glen with just a few of the things I've placed there.

I've made this stone house (more to be made) and six of these toadstools.

These days I'm trying to prepare for winter.   I have most of the pots emptied and now just have to store them.  I've been sawing up some small wood every chance I get to use to start the fire in the mornings.  I have to bring the snow shovels down from the shed and also the snow blower.  Also the small sled to haul the wood up to the house in the mornings.  I'm trying to get everything at the ready.   There's a few things still to put away but I should get to it all before the snow flies.

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