Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fat flying off and other stuff

Well, he's been dieting for three days now and has lost five pounds. Granted, that's mostly water, however he says he is encouraged. I think this will keep him going for another while. I've noticed that this year in the garden there are more bugs than ever before, some I haven't really seen since I was a child growing up when there were all kind of insects flying and walking around during the summer months. It seems the garden is settling into a comfortable harmony. I was outside collecting seeds yesterday when I heard the sound of wood hitting wood. Couldn't figure for the life of me what it was. It was spooky as otherwise it was very quiet outside except for the sounds the birds were making. I started walking around, following the sound when I saw what it was. The squirrel had finally figured out how to get into the squirrel feeder and as he got the food out, the top of the feeder would come down and knock against the bottom part. I was so pleased with his success, I just stood there watching. It's a glorious day here now so I'm off to cut back the herbs and tie them up into bundles for drying.


flicker said...

Wow, wish I could loose 5lbs in 3 days, that's about all I need to lose to get me back to what I was last year, and to be able to get back comfortably into my Levi's!!

My squirrel feeder is a work of art. I made it adapting a bird feeder. The squirrel has never understood about opening the top flap, so he pushes up the perspex clear front to get to the store, and then the flap goes up. That's how I know he's been, becaused the flap then stays up. When I actually nailed the front into place, so that he would have to open the flap, he chewed the bottom out of the feeder! Guess he was at the back of the queue when they handed out the brains.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, you sound like me. I've been known to bang together bird feeders with bits of wood I've had around, don't know that I could manage a squirrel feeder though.

Lynn said...

I have a squirrel feeder too. But I know my squirrels are not that smart, so it is a platform with holes on it I can put all sorts of peanuts and seeds and corn on.
The blue jays like it too.

oldcrow61 said...

Hey Lynn, I built myself a platform feeder ages ago and the birds love it but seldom see a squirrel on it. Had nine crows on it a couple of days ago. A couple of families I expect as there were young ones there as well. What a sight. They come back and forth every day. Love em!