Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eleven pounds gone!

Well "he" has lost eleven pounds to date, bless him. Says he is starved to death all the time. It's going to be difficult the next few days as his friend is visiting from Nova Scotia and there is lots of great food and wine around. Pouring rain today but had to go out and fill the feeders. The birds are eating so much these days it seems I spend half my time putting food out for them. Two of them nearly knocked me off the ladder as I was filling two feeders. Cheeky devils, some of them have no fear of me. Needless to say I got soaked to the skin. Chilly inside this morning so have the woodstove going. Very cozy. Dreading winter, so much shovelling and it goes on for so long.


flicker said...

You poor thing, I don't envy you the winters there. I hate ours with a vengence but at least the worst of them are normally only a couple of months, January and February with a bit of luck, and we only have a few days of snow that has to be shovelled. I would have to move, I really would! The weather here today is the pits too, horrendously windy and raining, but at least it's still warmish, no need for the heating on. I also got soaked doing my feeders earlier, but luckily no ladders to get knocked from, lol. Glad your other half is doing well with the diet, I need his willpower, I've put on about 8lbs this year, it's got to stop!

oldcrow61 said...

I have to lose a few pounds myself. Luckily I can lose them relatively easy, especially when I do a lot of walking. It doesn't sound like you would be too happy here with out winters, lol. Mind you some winters aren't as bad as others. Never the less it does seem to go on forever.