Saturday, September 02, 2006

I love books. I love reading. Two of the living room walls are nothing but book shelves holding close to three thousand books, all doubled up with one row in front of the other. I keep putting off the job of sorting through them all and getting rid of at least a thousand. Books also piled up on the bedroom floor and other places. As we don't have access to a book store or library, this time of year I go to yard sales to see if I can build up a stash for reading over the winter. Most of the reading material at these sales are romance novels which I really have no time for but this morning I went to a yard sale and lo and behold the woman had a pile of them on a table and her taste was like mine. I came away with a large bag of books, mostly British mysteries, my favorite. I was over the moon to say the least and only 25 cents for each hard cover. I felt like I had just found the pot of gold. Well, my partners friend is leaving today. They both weighed themselves yesterday and my partner had gained five pounds and his friend had gained four pounds since Wednesday. A bit of depression set in to say the least but once we get back to normal he will lose it again. Must have been all my great cooking, did them in, lol. Bloody cold here this morning, had to put the fire in again. Ah well, it's suppose to warm up a bit this coming week. There is no question that fall is here though. There is a man up the road who gets a lot of hens in the spring so he can make some money selling eggs all summer primarily to the tourists. As we were going by last week I saw him standing outside by his fence and thought I'd stop to ask him if he was getting rid of any of the chickens. He said yes after the 15th of September I could come by and he would give me half a dozen as he wouldn't be selling many eggs after that. I was well pleased as the two I have are getting quite old and if something happens to one of them the other one would be quite lonely by itself. I will probably be going to the nearest large town this week. About an hours drive from me. Will have to stock up on food for the birds, they are cleaning out the feeders so fast these days. I imagine it's because the nights are so cold now.


Boo said...

We don't have yard sales here (well not where I live anyway)

We have car boot sales, anyone can turn up with a car full of goodies to sell. They usually spread them out on pasting tables (wallpapering). Hubby and I used to love visiting these, some people actually make a living out of it. I tried one once. I was absolutely terrified, people were pouncing before I could set up my table. They did the same to all newcomers as they had already inspected those who had managed to set up early. Never again!

oldcrow61 said...

Your car boot sales sound a lot like our yard sales. You just take all the stuff you don't want, put it on tables on your lawn and people come to see what you have and buy what they want. You have to go pretty early to get anything worthwhile at these things. If you see something you want and don't pick it up right away, someone else has it before you can turn around.