Monday, August 21, 2006

Frustrating Morning

I'm not sure if it's good or bad to be able to vent ones frustrations on a Blog, never the less, here I go. Now, the thing is, me and my partner can not work together. Maybe I should say that he doesn't mind working with me but I can't stand working with him. If he puts something together it's all cockeyed, not measured right and if it takes two nails or screws he will put ten. I'm not saying that I can do everything perfectly, but I can see how things work far better. So.....I bought a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom. I was hoping to put it up myself while he was out of the house, but for some god forsaken reason I decided to put it up this morning while "he" was here. First, the screws he was trying to put on were too fat for the holes provided, then as he was putting the screws through the back of the cabinet, it fell, as he needed three hands, and commenced blaming me for not being right there. Ok, so I held the cabinet up for him. Ah, all done, only problem is I have to stand on my toes to be able to see in the mirror. Of course, being taller, he says he can see in perfectly well and doesn't know what my problem is. Rather than go through the whole process again I decide to let it remain as it is. Now, I had also bought a nice little wooden shelf cabinet to go under the medicine cabinet. He goes and gets that saying we might as well put this one up now too. I say, "Why don't you go for your walk and I will look after putting this one up." No chance!! So I'm told to measure the distance the holes are apart, mark the wall, etc. No, I'm told I have it measured wrong. Ok, I say, you measure it. He does. I'm watching and tell him he has it measured wrong. No, he says, he has it right. Ok, I say, put the screws in and try it, it's not going to go on right. He does and realizes that the thing won't go on the wall as the screws are too far apart. So, now he tells me to measure it, ha, I do. He puts the screw in the right place but down too low, which I remark on to no avail. That done the wooden shelf cabinet goes up. Unfortunately, it's all ascrew as one side is lower than the other. I had to walk away from it all. I let him struggle with it on his own and now finally it's all up, over and done with. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much, he is good at some things, bless him.


flicker said...

lol, I used to have one like that too. I always, but always chose the wrong screwdriver. He was brilliant at building stuff though, and sadly, he was right. The only time he ever scared the life out of me was when I critised the way he was changing a flat tyre on our camper. I was always told to slightly loosen the wheel nuts first before you jack it up, then it's easier, hopeless if the wheel is spinning when you are trying to undo them. So I told him so, that he wasn't doing it right, and he threatened me with the wheelbrace. I never saw him so angry before, or after!

Boo said...

Oooooooooo Jan, scary!

OC, I know exactly how you feel. I would wait until he is out of the house and lower the medicine cabinet. Venting your spleen is what the blog is for. I do it all the time, absolutely vital, or hubby would get both barrells all the time!

nicola said...

Yup thats what blogs are for!!

Though you will never see me moan on mine ;)

oldcrow61 said...

lol, well it does my heart good to see we all have a lot in common.