Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28th.

This whole peninsula is a tourists haven. Not only do we have the National Park at out doorstep, but we have some lovely little communities, sandy beaches, rugged coastline etc, etc. Now, we hear that some companies have been given the OK to clear cut a large section of land that's visible from the road. Clear cutting means cutting everything down leaving a big bald spot and they don't even have to re-plant. It takes Spruce trees, apparently 150 years to get to a good size. We are told there was a meeting about it in Gander but the residents weren't informed. When asked, the minister of what ever said. "Well, we had it on our website". As if people check out the government website everyday. What a load of crap! We phoned the council office and they said there would be another meeting here soon, but have found out that it's a done deal and it doesn't matter what the people have to say. It won't affect me in the sense that it wouldn't be visible unless I drove about 10 klms., never the less, to think that the government can just go ahead and do this....pure greed. Not only are they going to ruin a beautiful area but what about all the wildlife there. Makes me sick to think about it.

OK, I've had my little rant. I got out in the garden yesterday and was actually able to do some weeding on some of the places where there was no snow left. I tell you it was fabulous. The chickens were with me all the time helping out, scratching the soil up and chatting away. Can heaven be better than that?

I also received a parcel from my daughter with some great books and a chicken. Pictured below. She is in a place of honor by my computer with my little hog.


Jan said...

I feel your pain with the cutting down of the trees. It seems everywhere I look around here, they are chopping down huge trees, ripping out hedging, to build houses. My heart drops into my boots at the destruction, the poor birds and mammals losing their homes. Makes me very sad. One day man will be sorry, I shan't be here to see it thankfully.

Cute chick, I just saw the red comb before I scrolled down properly, and thought it was Diddy boy!

oldcrow61 said...

It torments me no end Jan. I know you feel the same about these things.