Monday, March 26, 2007

Yay, Spring is in the air.

A glorious day here. I got a lot of my plant pots sorted out, raked up some of the areas that are free from snow and considered taking the statues out of the greenhouse and place them. Looking around I saw that most of the places these things go is still snow covered. Roger was busy stacking wood so about 11:00 am we decided to have a cup of tea on the deck. Mind you we had our winter jackets on, never the less, after the long winter it was wonderful. I said to him that it was heaven, birds coming and going to the feeders, cat sitting on the deck in the sun, chickens around us making their contented murmuring sounds, no noises, couldn't get much better than that.

I think I saw a Blue Jay feeding another. Apparently they do this when mating. The two squirrels are always here so I'm wondering if it is a pair. I really should check the cabin as they made a nest there a few years back.

Right now I'm aching a bit but it feels good. Finally getting some exercise. Pictures of Pine Siskins below, they have been coming every day lately. Not the best pictures, I had to take them at some distance as I didn't want them to fly off.

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nicola said...

what pretty little birds they are....pleased spring is on its way to you