Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can it really be

Thursday, AGAIN! Now this is good that time is moving along so fast, if one was anxious for spring. However, one is also on the fast track to aging. lol. We've had two lovely spring like days and it's been heaven. It gives me such joy to see the chickens out around and watch them picking at seeds that have fallen out of the bird feeders and all stretched out on the deck enjoying the warm sun on their bodies. Doesn't take much to make me happy now, does it!

Had a Birthday dinner for a friend last night and to be honest, with so much food and wine, my head is not quite straight this morning. Had a good time though, lots of talking about all kinds of things. I think we had the world straightened out by the end of the night.

So....saw a bird walking across the snow yesterday afternoon so got the "Hoppers" out. That's what my grandfather called binoculars. Wonder where that word came from? I saw it was another Grouse or possibly one of the same ones thats been here before. I think it's a female but I'm not really sure.

Walking towards me.

About ten feet from me.

Wandering off again.


Border Reiver said...

Hi Oldcrow, I'm not experienced in North American grouse, but after a bit of research, I guessing this is a female Spruce Grouse (Dendragapus canadensis)? Just curious to learn more really. Last night coming back from a dinner party myself, second Barn Owl (Tyto alba) of the week, not rare, just wonderful birds of the night

oldcrow61 said...

Hey, Border reiver, thanks for confirming that for me. I figured that's what it was. You're so lucky to have seen an owl. I've heard that they are here as well but I've yet to see one.

Toffeeapple said...

Pretty little creature, isn't it?

Border Reiver said...

I hope it's that species, no doubt if it's not someone will let you know. It's always hard to Identify a bird just from a photo

(My Tutor at Uni wouldn't be impressed with me, as he was a leading light in the World Pheasant Association, and what he didn't know about the World's Grouse wasn't worth knowing)

Have a good weekend