Friday, February 08, 2008

Feb. 8th., 2008

Funny story I heard on the news this morning. A man in Calgary got a bit of a surprise this morning. Apparently, a passenger plane flying over his area accidentally dumped the waste from the lavatory. The plane being so high up, the waste froze into ice on the way down, went through his roof and landed on the bed. Some things just make you shake your head!

Had to go to the store yesterday and when we returned I was walking up the snow packed path to the house. One foot some how slipped off the packed snow and my foot went down in a twist in a hole. I could just manage to get to the house as the pain was terrible. Anyway, once I got inside, it didn't bother me anymore so thought nothing more of it. However, in the middle of the night I woke up in terrible pain. Which ever way I put my foot I couldn't get the pain to ease off. Couldn't even touch the foot without even more pain. Roger woke up and saw the distress I was in and said "Don't we have prescription pain killers around here somewhere." I said that yes I thought we did, so he went off to look for them. After about 15 mins. he came back with the pills saying they may not work as they were 10 years old, the date being on the pill bottle. lol. So took one and don't really know if it worked as I finally drifted off to sleep. This morning there is just a tiny bit of pain so am walking very cautiously. Hopefully I won't have another night like last night.

Well, they just keep coming and coming. I'm rapidly running out of bird seed. Took these pictures early this morning. This wasn't all of them either. There were more on the ground and in the trees.


Jan said...

OMG you poor thing. Have you got any crepe bandaging you can wrap round your ankle? Used it lots of times in the past, and always helps, you are supposed to moisten it and as it dries, it really eases the discomfort. *Hugs*

Bloody hell, all those birds still! Good on you for feeding them, I guess lots would die without your help.

st said...

OC- I see BB is doing his usual name every thing rare trick. He also has named the shrub in the picture as sea buckthorn. In case you missed his post 'a non native to the uk, but good for birds and butterflies'.

Pete said...

lurve the one with the lone chickadee.

jammy so re hoary polls!!

hope the foot feels better.

Mo said...

Hope the ankle is on the mend. I love all your photos as usual but the redpolls on the bird table are amazing!