Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb. 16th., 2008

Time seems to be flying! Here we are into the weekend again. Wednesday we went to Clarenville, just over an hours drive from here. Spent a good part of the day there, shopping mainly. A lovely sunny day although chilly. We saw an upscale second hand clothing store so decided to go in and have a look. The first thing that caught my eye was a coat that looked rather medieval or maybe more Goth like. Anyway, I just couldn't resist it. I didn't try it on of course, don't know where my mind was, so got it home, tried it on and it wouldn't go around me, lol. Ah well, it didn't cost a lot of money and I'm sure I'll figure something to do with it.

Thursday it rained most of the day. Shrunk the snow down a bit. Very windy as well and a leak started in the top of the casement window in the living room. The wind was coming from the south directly onto the window so we figured it was driving the rain in somehow. Got to check that out.

Friday and today it's been spring like. The chickens have been out most of this past two days and loving it. I spent a good part of the morning trying to get a picture of a Boreal Chick a dee that I've noticed coming to the feeder. It has a brown cap instead of the regular black capped ones I get. Unfortunately I had no luck. It was just too fast. However, I'm going to keep trying.
I did get a few more pictures though....

Dark Eyed Junco.



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Pete said...

I was having similar problems with a Marsh Tit yesterday. Got his back a few times !!