Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

I decided on the weekend that I would start spring cleaning today as the weather is suppose to be overcast, cool and rainy most of the week. Not much point in being in the garden. I figured that I would haul the washing machine out first thing and get the clothes done and out of the way. Got half way through all the washing when a small belt snapped inside the machine and it was done for. After bailing out all the water we proceeded to take the back part off and have a look. Found the broken belt under the machine but couldn't figure where it came off. Decided to lay the machine down on the floor and I think we have it figured out. Only problem....the washer is very old and they don't make them anymore so the people at the hardware store told us where to check in Gander to see if we could find the piece we need. Off to Gander tomorrow. That was the end of the thoughts of spring cleaning. Couldn't be bother after this incident.

There were reports of two Polar Bears not that far from where we live. Roger has been going on about his morning walks and how can he do this when he might be attacked. After all, he says, they are meat eaters. I can't convince him as to how crazy he sounds. Apparently they managed to move one of them. It weighs about 600 lbs. A big creature, no doubt.

This is just about the time of year when the chance of seeing a black bear in the garden is quite possible. I have to keep a sharp eye out now a days when outside. Not that I think I'm going to be harmed but if either me or a bear is startled for some reason I guess anything is possible. So, two nights ago, I had a dream that I was being attacked by one of these creatures. I was yelling out to Roger, "Get the camera, get the camera". I mean...really...there's no hope for me, lol.

Looked outside a few minutes ago and saw three Finches on a feeder. They are so pretty.

And, at the end of the yard on top of a telephone pole...Mr. Gull.


Jan said...

aww sorry about the washing machine, it's such a pain when electricals go wrong. Hope you can get it fixed up.

OMG Polar Bears! I thought they lived in the Arctic! (Or on the Lost island lol) I'd be terrified, but also love to see one at the same time. Tell Roger to be careful ffs!

Those finches are gorgeous, I'm very envious. Mind I have lots of Siskins and Goldfinches here right now outside the window so I can't complain.

oldcrow61 said...

Jan, we don't usually have to worry about Polar Bears here, but they probably came across on the ice. Goldfinches are beautiful. You're lucky to have those around. I do get siskins though.

st said...

waiting for pictures lol
those finches are beauties

Gallicissa said...

OC, It will be really nice to see a few Polar Bears and Black Bears in this blog. When can you deliver ?

Pete said...

polar bear in garden ? :D

nice finches!

Toffeeapple said...

Well, I hope I never spot a polar bear in my garden!!

Border Reiver said...

Ho Oldcrow, There's me having this image of you as a backwoodswoman, down the stream and washing on the rocks, but no a washing machine, the illusion is shattered :-)

As for Polar Bears, well if you ask them nicely they may do your washing...LOL :-)

Warm blessing for Beltain if I don't comment before Thursday. I'm not planning anything, but may change my mind.

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, BR, believe it or not it's only been a few years since I've had this ancient machine. Before that I was washing sheets, blankets, clothes all by hand. Still don't have a dryer, everything goes outside on the line. Warm Blessings to you as well for Beltane. If you don't do anything, at least hug a tree, it does the soul good.

Jo said...

I got a visual of that one.... "Get the camera" heheheh

That is priceless.