Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ekk! Spider....

After getting up and making coffee this morning I went to the computer to turn it on and check emails etc. There attached to the computer screen and also attached to a hanging plant was the most magnificent spiders web with a huge spider right in the middle of it. I took this picture then caught the spider and put him outside. It's too bad really but they can bite at times and given the size I felt uncomfortable having him so near.

I had to put the fire in last evening as it was starting to get a wee bit uncomfortable. I expect I'll be doing the same thing today as it's overcast, wet and chilly as this lot can attest to.

It's my father's 89th. birthday today so I phoned him early this morning. He'd been up at his vegetable garden. They had some friends in for a few drinks yesterday afternoon, other than that there won't be anything special going on. I expect for his 90th. next year we will have to plan some sort of do.

So...not a lot happening today. Just lazing around I expect. The kind of day for laying back with a good book.


Tricia said...

I think the spider being outside is a great idea - stunning as it looks I think I would feel a bit uncomfortable too !

Your cats know where to curl up and be comfy don't they! Happy Reading!

Cicero Sings said...

Yes, spiders can bite and nasty bites they are too .. best put outside. I have a nifty gadget bought from Lee Valley, that does a great job on transfer.

Those kitties look far too comfortable.

I had a big 90th birthday do for me own Mither. A pretty significant year! Now she is 95!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, I might just come to you for advice re: party, lol.

Gallicissa said...

That spide looks like an Argiope species. Your cats look very cute.

Ali said...

I hope your dad had a great day OC! Those cats sure look cosy. Makes you want to curl up with them. You talk about spiders, honey you ain't seen 'em til you live here. Any wonder there's so few houseflies in England! They aer absolutely everywhere. We have a big, brown, long legged one that lives in the apartment somewhere. We get a glimpse of him/her the odd time, running off under a baseboard. We have christened it "Ernest". ;)


oldcrow61 said...

Gallicissa, thanks for the info. Will check it out.

Ali, That's so funny...."Ernest". We've had a spider spend the winter in the bathroom and named it as well.