Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snowy Day.

It's been snowing all afternoon and still continues tonight. Shovels are at the ready as I expect there will be some shoveling to do before it's all over. The plow has been up the road twice.

The Juncos have appeared at the feeders and lots of Chick a dees as well. I had to go out and clear the snow off the platform feeder as the little birds were trying to get down to the seed. Replenished the seed and it didn't take them long to fill their bellys.

A few pictures of some Chick a Dees. Not the best pictures I'm afraid but here they are.

And, one taken tonight.


Kelly said...

...I think these are beautiful photos. I love early snows. I love the early snows. They are always filled with magic and anticipation. I think you've captured that here... Sweet little Chick-a-dee. He looks warm in his puffy coat (it always amazes me how something so tiny can be so tough!).

Tricia said...

Lovely little chic-a-dees who are no doubt very grateful to you for their meals.

I love seeing your winter pictures and your snow scene is magical - keep warm :D

J said...

Snow on the arbor looks as if it is a faery scene.
I love snow. We had our first litte skiff of 2009 this weekend , too.