Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tis the Season.

We had to go to the shop yesterday afternoon to pick up a couple of items. Himself went ahead of me to clear some ice off the windshield of the car. A minute later I followed behind and got half way down to the car when I heard a noise. I recognized it as a Grouse so gave a shouted whisper, you know what that is.....when you try to whisper loudly so you don't scare the bird off, lol. A shouted whisper saying "There's a grouse there I'm going back for my camera." I just had that out of my mouth when himself yells loudly "There's a grouse over there." So, got the camera and walked slowly back to get as close as I could before it took off. I got one shot when himself yells, "There's a cat stalking the bird." and before I could say "Bobs your uncle", the bird flew over my head and up into the woods. Then I saw the neighbours cat quite near where the grouse was. If you look closely at the fence rail, in the middle of the photo, you should see the bird. Not a great picture but the first grouse I've seen this season.

It's been a lovely few days. We had friends in on Xmas Eve then the next day we were invited out for dinner. We've been eating so much and if I see another chocolate I think I'll up chuck. Far too much food and sweets on the go. Serious dieting begins after New Years. The weather has been quite nice with just a brush of snow on Xmas Eve. In fact, the snow is gone around a lot of the property so the girls have been able to get out each day and wander under the bird feeders to pick up the dropped seeds. There are many Juncos and Chick a Dees about now. And of course the dear crows, my favorite bird, always here to give me moments of joy.

Here's wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


Cicero Sings said...

Too funny ... all that attempt at whispers. I'm still chuckling.

We had a grouse a couple of times ... to the feeders before the snow covered the ground. Haven't seen one since. I've never enough zoom to get a picture.

Hopefully we don't have to go to town ... I tried to stock up well ahead of time but we may need some milk and bread somewhere along the line.

Pete said...

happy christmas OC

Tricia said...

Glad you finally got the bird OC :D and hope you had all the Christmas visitors you wanted :D

J said...

It's as if it posed under those red berries. Wonderful the way his markings resemble snow on twigs and branches.
A New Year Blessing to you and yours.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I've never seen a grouse. We do have some pheasants here but no quail or grouse. Perhaps he will be back and you'll have another chance for a photo.

Janine said...

Happy New Year OC! I know what you mean about the sweets, its been ridiculous.

Nan and =^..^= said...

How exciting to see the grouse and be able to capture it with your camera! Several winters ago, we had a grouse living under our pine tree... it was wonderful to be able to see it often.
Happy New Year!