Monday, December 07, 2009

Wintery Day

The first winter storm of any significance hit yesterday. While we only got 20 cm, St. John's got 38 cm. I phoned my parents to see how they were making out and my mother says that my father just came in, he had shoveled out four cars and cleaned them off.

"Put him on the phone," I said
"Hello" he says
"Are you out of your mind, don't you realize that your almost 90 years old and you shouldn't be doing stuff like that."
"Well", he says, "One poor old fellow is 92 and then there's this old lady who's 80."

I could only burst out laughing. Maybe that's what keeps him young.

Still dark but shovels at the ready.

Himself shoveled the driveway while I filled the bird feeders.

Blue Jays.

The crows came for breakfast just before full daylight.

Stanley looking out at all that white stuff.


ST said...

The cat has the right idea!

Tricia said...

Some more lovely picture OC. The cat gazing out of the window is just great :D And your Dad - LOL; I think you're right about what keeps him young.

Roses and Lilacs said...

We are expecting it Tuesday night. Sounds like it will be a heavy snowfall and very strong winds.

Your father sounds like mine. They won't be limited by age. Hope I do as well.

Janine said...

Looks like you'll need a shovel to dig out your shovels! Brrr....

Kelly said... doubt that is keeping your dad young (that and a young heart that looks out for others...). Snow is predicted for Wed or Thurs. I hope it's more than a dusting. I love seeing birds in the snow!

Anonymous said...

That is SO pretty! I wish we had a bit of the white stuff over here, even if the slightest dusting does cause havoc.


J said...

Get your dad to mail me an ounce or 2 of his energy. I'm only 54 and you'd find me laying in the snow flat on my back, splayed out as if ran over by the snow truck if I did 1/10 of all he did.
wheeeew eeeeeeeee I got out of breath reading about it.
Great pics.

Bimbimbie said...

If only I could just dive through this screen that divides our two worlds and our temperatures, touching 40C here right now ... both extremes are hard on the birds but yours look a little more stylish in their plump winter coats ... mine are just sitting beaks open and panting*!*

Nan and =^..^= said...

Beautiful photos! I can relate to your reaction about your Dad!
We also got snow and more is on the way for Wednesday!