Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Birds.

It looks like my trip to the city, planned for this weekend, is put on hold. My hip and lower back, which I injured years ago is in a state again. I daresay I triggered it off by spending a morning lugging heavy pots filled with soil half way across the property. I never seem to learn! I can't sit for long, in fact we drove up to the store earlier today and by the time we got back I had to get help to get out of the car. So frustrating!! I've been going to bed very early as well, and taking pain killers, only when I can't stand it anymore. So, that's my lot for the next while. Nothing to do for it by rest and do as little as possible.

So, just before supper last night I did manage to shuffle out side and take some pictures of a few birds that were around.


Stewart said...

So sorry to hear about your backache OC, I can sypathise as I have been suffering too since about mid SEptember...hope you get well soon.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh, oh, oh, back pain can be SO painful. I do hope it mends soon. Still, you managed some grand pictures of the birds! Hard to take it easy but you go girl, you can do it!

Dixxe said...

Bummer about the hip n back...I have some problems with that area too sometimes, especially when I do heavy work--
YOUR photos are terrific..Love the woodpecker!
Hope you are right as rain asap...and off to the city for your trip.

Tricia said...

Oh no... how maddening that your back should go awry just now... what rotten timing. - humping heavy pots is most likely to have had an effect..

nonetheless your pictures are wonderful and I love blue Jays!!

(hope youget that back better soon......!!)

Pete said...


ShySongbird said...

So sorry to read about your back trouble, you have my sympathy, I have recurrent spinal problems. I was in the bath a few weeks back, lifted a foot and my back 'went' again, it was agony! We were due to go out the next day for what we thought was Sunday lunch with my brother and sister-in-law and nearly had to pull out, it was such a good job I managed to go though as it turned out to be a surprise party with friends and relatives for our wedding anniversary!

I love the beautiful bird photos of the Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and Chickadees. Hope I have the IDs right, I am starting to recognise some of the foreign birds now :)

Hope you feel much better soon!

Gallicissa said...

Sometimes it is good to see only birds, OC. Hope you will get well soon! Warm greetings from Sri Lanka!

Kelly said...

...a beautiful series of photos. I hope your back and hip are better soon. Back pain is so terrible. I had herniated disks in my neck about 6 years ago...ugh. That's why I became a yoga teacher (yoga helps the Meniere's too...).

Victoria said...

I hope you're feeling well again soon, OC. Back and hip pain are no fun at all. Like you, I'm forever doing things that I shouldn't do, then wondering why I did that...AGAIN.

The photos of all the birds are beautiful, as are the photos in your previous post.