Friday, October 08, 2010

Nearly Thanksgiving.

It's almost Thanksgiving here. This weekend in fact, so I'm off to the shop to pick up things needed for our Thanksgiving dinner. There's not much to report except that the weather has been absolutely marvelous. I still haven't done much in the garden and I have a gallon of paint sitting on the floor, unopened, to paint the guest room and just can't seem to get at it.

There were lots of bees and even butterflies in the garden last week and even earlier this week until the temperatures dropped a bit. I managed to get a few pictures.

The impish squirrel.

Sun on broom in kitchen.


Tricia said...

Beautiful flutter pics OC... and great that you're having such warm weather. No wonder you've no incentive to stay indoors decorating!

And as for Mr. Cheeky well - he gets cheekier by the minute :D

Dixxe said...

Enjoyed viewing all those photos! You scared me for a moment thought I had slept a month...Thanksgiving-YIKES--then I remembered your Thanksgiving is held on a different date than ours...
ENJOY your Thanksgiving!!

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful photos, I do love that cheeky little Squirrel :)

It looks so much more Summery there, I haven't seen a butterfly for weeks :(

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Victoria said...

Beautiful butterfly pics, OC. Mr. Cheeky is absolutely adorable. Clever little fellow, too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ali said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I still celebrate it despite being on this side of the Atlantic. Its nice to see your garden visitors for a while longer.

Pete said...

happy thanksgiving OC.

and lovely pics!

Cicero Sings said...

Happy Thanksgiving OC. Just got back from the coast today ... in time to cash in on the full meal deal with D's family.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love your little red squirrel!
Hope all is well!

Yoke, said...

hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Crow.
Great to see Butterflies in your garden! never expected those in your lovely Northern garden.

Mr. Cheecky is great, and I think he loves your camera as well as he does those peanuts.