Friday, September 23, 2011

Mabon Blessings

It's the day of the second harvest, Mabon. I did a little decorating outside.

I like fall a lot especially the colours and the scents that autumn brings. For me it's a time to put the garden to bed for the winter and plan what I'll do during the long winter days. I love the smells that seem overwhelming after the leaves start falling when they give off that sweet smell of decay. I see that some of the leaves are changing colour already.

I've started to cut back some of the plants and clear out the greenhouse. Yesterday there was a lovely fat spider in a web just inside the greenhouse door.

A number of years ago I grew some teasel from seed. I'd never seen them before but heard about them so decided to try. They grew well and the bees loved them but I found them just a bit prickly. I never bothered with them again, but this year to my surprise, one grew in front of one of the living room windows. I haven't a clue how it ever got there. When I grew them before it was in a different part of the garden altogether. And, where would it come from after all those years. Could one of the seeds landed there somehow and lay in hiding until this year?

The bees are really enjoying this plant but it scares himself. Yep, he's afraid of it. When he's sitting on the chesterfield and turns his head to the left, it's staring in at him. Says it reminds him of the movie The Day of the Triffids. I of course refused to cut it down as I'm hoping to get some seeds and plant just a few for the bees once again.

This is the beauty. It has more flower heads than I've captured in this picture.

We haven't had another bear visit since early this past week. I now have the camera at the ready just in case.


Victoria said...

Happy Mabon, OC! I love the decorations, and that beautiful spider. And I have two words for Himself: POD PEOPLE. LOL

The photos in your previous post are gorgeous! You take such wonderful pictures of birds...seems like mine are always a little (or a lot) blurry.

Sondra said...

Harvest is my favorite time of yr when the woods become colorful again and its cool and we get rain...looks like a very interesting Plant to have...HOPE you get your seed! Im still waiting on my basil to flower so i can get my seed for next yr...ITS getting doubtful at this point!

Cicero Sings said...

Teasel is impressive! Himself makes me smile.

Cold here tonight ... might get our first frost.

I was hoping for some seed from a couple of plants too but ... not likely.

Victoria said...

OC, I just wanted to drop back in and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Victoria, it was a nice holiday weekend.