Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There are Bears around.

Last night around seven o'clock we heard a bit of a thump outside. Thinking it was one of the cats I went to the back door. Nothing there so then went to patio doors to have a look. There, no more than five feet from me, standing up tall on his back legs with one front paw on the deck railing, was the biggest Black Bear I've ever seen in the garden. He was HUGE! A gorgeous creature. I ran for my camera and himself ran for his toy cap gun, bless him. By the time I got back the bear was heading off towards the woods so no picture. Himself was yelling, "Put the cake and cookies away somewhere." and "Are you nuts going out on the deck to get a picture." lol

So, this morning no sign of the beautiful beastie. Himself says "I don't understand you, you were sleeping like a log all night with no worries and I was listening for noises all night."

I expect the bears are trying to fatten up now for their hibernation. I was going to continue working in the garden today but am having second thoughts about it now.

Some bears that were here before.


CatHerder said...

I miss seeing bears in our yard, eating the berries off the trees..we have located back to the burbs..we still get an occasional one in the area..but nothing like what we love your blog

Cicero Sings said...

There may have been a bear down the lake trail recently as there was quite a pile of poop .. looked like bear poop. We have had no other showing of bear this year at all. Himself makes me smile.

Victoria said...

Those are great pictures of the bear! Are your black bears aggressive? Ours are normally placid, I think there have only been two incidents in all the 60+ years that I've lived in these mountains. I don't see them as much as I used to, though. Too many people up here now I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures OC.

You better batten down the hatches and get the kitties inside before the hurricane hits.

Pete said...

lol @ oc.