Monday, September 12, 2011

Well now, what's been going on?  Actually, I've been fairly busy.  The weekend before last friends came for overnight bringing with them fruits, homemade jams, cheese and other treats.   It was a lovely visit.  The weather continued to be nice and so we ate dinner outside and continued to sit out until almost dark.  The next morning was another beautiful day and everyone was in agreement to eat brunch on the deck.   They brought me a book called "Fairies and Magical Beings" which I'm looking forward to reading. 

This past weekend my next door neighbour who had moved to Ontario about three years ago, came with her daughter for a visit.   It was wonderful to see her again.  They stayed for dinner on Friday then as they had made reservations to rent one of the local cabins, off they went.  I'm hoping to see them again within the next couple of days.  I'm thinking maybe for lunch tomorrow. 

This coming weekend a friend of himselfs is coming Friday, leaving Sunday.  So, more meal planning.

I'm so lucky in that through a friend I got a good home for our one remaining chicken.  I could tell she was lonely and was concerned about how she'd fair by herself over the winter.   So, we spent part of last week hauling down the old hen house and the attached greenhouse area.  Actually, we got it all down but for part of the hen house itself so we hired a couple of young fellows to demolish the rest and cart all the wood up to the pile we have stacked up to burn in a bonfire in November.   Unfortunately they've piled it too close to the shed and I don't know how we're going to manage to move it further off.   We have only ourselves to blame as we should have been watching what they were doing.  There is a massive amount of wood there, not only from the chicken house, etc. but also from the old part of the house that was torn down to build the new extension.

So, that's been my life this past while.  You can certainly feel fall in the air now.  The night before last the temperatures went down to zero.   Lots of birds around especially Blue Jays.  

Little bird.



The garden.

I am NOT happy with the changes that Blogger has made.  Why can't they leave well enough alone.


Cicero Sings said...

I don't know if it is a change blogger has made but it sure is a pain to leave a comment now from my iPod. I basically wait until I crank the big computer up ... which can take a few days as I'm busy with other things at the moment.

What? No more chickens? It will be lonely without their very own peculiar chatterings and cooings and scratchings and the poopings for the gardens.

Glad you've been getting some enjoyable company. Adds a bit of sparkle to the summer/early fall.

Tricia said...

Busy lady as usual OC :)

Great pictures espesh the Nuthatch and Woodie...

sorry to hear about the misplaced wood.... but delighted your feathery lady is lonely no longer... you will miss her no doubt though..

I've just tried a test post on blogger and it seems it's the same as usual... not looking forward to the changes following your comments :)

oldcrow61 said...

Actually, I found out after that I could choose the old way to use Blogger. I was too quick to criticize.

Victoria said...

Love the photos of the garden and the birds. I'm glad your last hen won't be lonely and I hope she'll fit in well at her new home. The book that your friends gave you about faeries and magical beings sounds wonderful!

Yoke, said...

No chickens in your garden?
Surely not?
Lovely to see the birds in your photos again.

Blogger should indeed have left blogger as it used to be, I agree.

Yoke, said...

Forgot to say that I had no idea black bears had such a respect for Bhudda.

oldcrow61 said...

Yoke, I have no more chickens. There was one left and she was lonely. I was desperately looking for another home for her with other hens. Problem was, finding someone who doesn't kill them. I got lucky...a friend knew people who had chickens and kept them as pets. So, off she went to live out her life on a small island just off the coast.