Friday, February 24, 2012

February Ups and Downs.

I've been very lax in keeping up with blogging lately. I was feeling as though I were in a box and couldn't get out. The reason being....the new section I had built on to the house last year has suffered considerable water damage. I'll not go into detail just to say that the flooring had to come up and the ceiling and some of the walls got damaged. Consequently a lot of stuff had to be moved out of two of the rooms and was scattered all over the rest of the house. Yesterday the flooring was put back down and I now have things back to normal so I've finally been able to walk out of the box I felt I was in. The ceiling won't be fixed for some time yet as it's still damp but I can live with that for a while.

It's been very much like spring lately with daytime temperatures above zero. I'm hoping for an early spring but one never knows with our weather. The seed catalogues have started to arrive so excitement reigns here at the moment.

Lots of birds around. Mostly nuthatches, chick a dees, juncos, jays, grosbeaks and woodpeckers. The purple finches have started to show up now from time to time. Squirrels as well. Of course I can't forget my favorites, the crows.

The workman came last week and had his dog with him. It was cold out so I found a cord to use as a lease and let him come inside. The cats were not too happy I can tell you! He's a sweet dog and well behaved.

We dropped in to the Goodwill a while back and on our way out the door, a muffled cry from the toy box. On looking to my left I see two legs hanging out the side of the box. A teddy. I don't go looking for these things, I really don't. He is very cute though, isn't he.

Some pictures taken outside.

These are ice crystals. I find the designs in them fascinating. Click on them to get a larger picture.

A few pictures of my furry and feathered friends.


ShySongbird said...

Sorry to read about the problems with the house! It must have been very disheartening to say the least but good news that it's getting back to normal now.

Odd how those teddy bears call for help just as you walk past ;-)

It is always nice to see the photos of your lovely garden visitors and the dog is gorgeous!

Sondra said...

sorry bout your troubles...I hope its fixed now so it wont happen again, WHAT a sweet looking dog!! AND a new teddy to share life with what could be better, I enjoyed your photos too!!!!

Pete said...

sorry about the probs OC. Hope it is fully fixed soon.

Lovely pics and nice to see Squidgy.

The teddy? How OC!!

Tricia said...

hope you dry out soon! Sounds promising that temperatures are might see some earth sooner than hoped for :D

And teddies find YOU I'm sure.....

Ali said...

I hear you about not being up to much on the blog front. The roof over your head, or lack thereof, is more important.

I'm hoping for an early Spring too. Love the animal photos, including the stuffed one.


CatHerder said...

sorry about the house..its always something isnt it? Our roof needs done..its going to deplete all of our savings but it must be the bird pics..havent seen too many around here although our winter has been unseasonably warm...looking forward till spring..but we just might get some snow Wed. Hang in there!

Cicero Sings said...

Arrrggghhh ... house problems ... leaks .... arrrgggghhh!

We've, for the most part, had a mild winter but the last couple of days, temps dropped to -22C - -27C in places around where I live. It is supposed to warm up though.

I've not been great on blogging either. Quite sporadic posting in fact.

I'm sure the cats WEREN'T all that sympathetic to having a doggie visitor. Ha!

Nice "teddy" rescue.

Victoria said...

OC, I'm so sorry to hear about the problems with the new addition. You've had more than your share of trouble lately; I hope it leaves you alone for a long, long, time!

Love the photos, especially the ones of the ice crystals.

Janine said...

The ice crystals are fascinating, and I enjoyed the shots of your furred and feathered friends. You really captured their personality with those head shots!
Sorry to hear about the issues with the house, but on the positive side at least the problem was discovered relatively quickly. Hope it gets resolved soon so you can get to your seed catalogs :) :) :)