Tuesday, July 07, 2015


I think summer came for a week or so during May.   This morning it's +6C with the wind chill it's +3C.   It's been cold for sometime now with not much sign of let up.  Very disappointing to say the least.  Our summers are very short as it is.   Ah well, we can only hope for some warmth soon.  

Some good news, my granddaughter and her partner will be coming to visit me from Ontario in a week or so.   I'm looking forward to this.  Haven't seen her in some time.  

Despite the cool weather the plants are thriving.   I was a bit disappointed with the white lilac as there weren't many blooms on it this year.   I walked up for the mail a few days ago and noticed the neighbours lilac didn't have many blooms either.   Must have something to do with how winter or spring was.   My yellow Azalea out did itself this year.   Great huge blooms and the perfume coming from it is heady.   The rose bushes also have loads of buds on them.   Seems everything but me likes the cold damp weather. 

We had about ten minutes of sun a few days ago and I saw this Swallow Tail on the Azalea.   I ran for the camera and got these shots.

A few photos of the plants in the garden.

Normally I have lots of bees but have hardly seen any.   I blame it on the cold weather.  I did get this picture.


Pete Duxon said...

lucky you on the swallowtail!

sorry about the cold :( been very hot here been in 80's and 90's!!

Sondra said...

OH I could use some cool about now it was 105 here today! Must be a record breaker. Love your yellow azalea, and the swallowtail!!

Ali said...

I'm sorry your Summer has been disappointing this far. It's not been too bad here for the most part. British Summers are never spectacular, but the past two years have definitely been better than average. Your garden looks gorgeous in spite of the temps!


oldcrow61 said...

Sondra, it's been in the single digits here lately. Not nice and no sun to boot! I wish I could send you some. You have it pretty hot there.

Ali, yes, the garden is doing well despite the weather. It's been awful and with the long winters we have we don't seem to be getting any respite this summer.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Lovely photos. It stopped raining briefly and I saw a couple butterflies here, a very, very few bees. Love the white lilac. Mine was never that pristine, snow white, always had a very slight bluish cast.

Toffeeapple said...

Whilst I sympathise about the cold weather, I must say that your Azalea is utterly beautiful - I don't think I have ever seen a yellow one. And a Swallow Tail - I am envious.