Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feb. 20th, new visitors

I looked out the window on Saturday and saw what I thought were Evening Grosbeaks on the platform feeder. Then thought to myself, no they are far too small, a bit smaller than the little Juncos. Got the binoculars and had a good look. No, not Grosbeaks. I had to take photos from the doorway as I didn't want to startle them. Then, I got out my bird books and the only bird I could find that looked like them were American Goldcrests. Then looking a the map of their range, they weren't suppose to be here.

Only one thing for it and that was to google them to see if indeed that's what they were. I didn't have much luck with that but did come across a birder/blogger in Ireland. So said to myself, ah hell, why not, and wrote him an email with pictures attached. He was kind enough to email me back saying, yes, indeed they were American Goldcrest. It's so exciting to see a new kind of bird.

Got up this morning and saw that about a foot of new snow had fallen overnight. I had to make my way to the hens and dig out around the door of their attached greenhouse so I could get it opened, then get on the ladder to push the heavy snow off the roof of said house. Then make my way the the feeders to get the snow off those as the Juncos had already arrived and were looking for food. That done, I came in full of snow and soaking wet. Now, there is a blizzard warning on for today and none of the schools are opening. Damnable winter!

Now, I go in the bathroom to get washed, look in the mirror, OH NO! spots all over my face. My first reaction.....chicken pox....hang on now, I've had that. Then, remembered that last night before going to bed I had used a new facial cleanser and night cream. I must have had an allergic reaction to one of it. Ah well, such is life!


Anonymous said...

American GoldFINCH not Goldcrest.

oldcrow61 said...

Yep, you're right. Now, if I knew who you were, I could contact you if I needed a bird identified.

nicola said...

i could guess who it is for you oc

lovely photos again

Jan said...

Oh hell OC all that snow again. And spots too, bet you thought I'd given you the chicken pox!

oldcrow61 said...

lol Jan, you weren't far from my mind.