Friday, February 23, 2007

Red Sky

"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." Yep, another winter storm expected overnight with high winds. Just when I thought spring was on the way. This past few days temperatures hovering around 0 C, spirits lifted, feeling of spring in the air. All gone now!

After seeing a few Starlings at the feeders two days in a row, I spent the better part of yesterday putting extra suet blocks out, mixing up oatmeal, peanut butter, bread, seed etc. to hang more onion bags filled with the stuff, putting dry cat food and leftovers on the platform feeder, more of everything in fact. All to no avail, didn't see a starling, the crows had a time of it though and I was running back and forth all day replenishing the food on the platform feeder. At one point I thought to myself, I must be mad. Ah well, maybe today.

The seeds I ordered finally arrived. That makes me very excited. Great expectations. So much to do when the snow all disappears. In the meantime, cabin fever has hit, both of us having moments of great agitation. Always happens around this time of year. Got to go out now and help himself put a tarpaulin over the load of wood that we had delivered yesterday and is in the driveway. Won't get it up and stacked today.


Boo said...

We say Red sky in the morning, Shepherds' warning. At least in some parts of the country!

Jan said...

Lovely sunrise photo. We say "red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" Guess you don't have so many shepherds though? ;)

oldcrow61 said...

It's interesting that you have the same saying but related to shepherds. Ours goes, "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight."

Laurie said...

holy crows that is something..I never see that when i am there but i guess sleeping in doesn't