Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday, Feb. 9th. 2007

First thing yesterday morning I got the hammer and nails out. All because of CATS. Now, anyone who has had a cat or cats knows full well that they are not always the little darlings we like to think they are. The carpeting on the steps going from the living room to the kitchen and the guest room had been turned into long shredded strings by claws. I had picked up some new carpeting, so figured this was the day to do it. Hauled off the old stuff and proceeded to lay down the new lot. The group of four were looking on with curiosity as they are apt to do. I said "The first one who puts a claw into this is out the door." No reaction! After much pounding of nails and a few curse words the job was finished. I no sooner turned around, when Roger shouted, "Hey, the cat is scratching at the carpeting, they like this one better as it's stiffer." I yelled at the cat to stop and I might as well have been talking to the wall. Yep, they love this one, they can get a better grip on it. ...Sigh..! Maybe it will last a bit longer than the last lot.

This morning I'm waiting for the plumber. The bathtub taps are leaking. We thought we could fix it ourselves so got what we needed at the hardware store. So Roger, bless him, who is quite useless when it comes to this stuff, took everything apart and put on the new apparatus. Taps are still leaking so only one thing for in the plumber. I'm just hoping it's not something more serious that will entail hauling the wall down. of new carpeting with Freya pretending she's not interested, lol.


Boo said...

She looks soooooo innocent, how could you possibly think she will be up to no good as soon as your back is turned! HA HA!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, you have that right.