Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tues. Feb. 6th. 2007

Bloody cold this morning, -l8C. Not only that but woke up at 4:30 am and the power was out. That meant that the light in the chicken house that gives the heat was out as well. I nearly got sick to my stomach with the worry about them. Sometimes I wonder why I got them but then figure it's better than the fate that was in store for the creatures. As soon as light cracked the sky I bundled up and went out to check on them. They were fine, thank goodness, tough little buggers. Hopefully one day soon the days will warm up some. They finally got the power back on at 8:30am. The whole peninsula had lost their electricity. I often think of people with electric heat at these times, must get very cold in their houses. Lovely sunny day and I have been checking outside for birds with camera at the ready. I'll never get any housework done at this rate! The picture is of a little male Downy Woodpecker, taken yesterday.


Pete said...

lovely photos OC. You are getting on well with that camera!

-18? bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrr

Boo said...

-18? Crikey, we think we are hard done by when it is -3! We are a load of wusses!

Love the downy blackbird, gorgeous. Glad your chucks were alright too! :0)

nicola said...


Jan said...

Glad your chooks were okay, I am the same with my birds, I have an oil filled rad on from 5pm to 8.30am in their shed, it's costing me about a £1 a night, but I don't care. Even then it's hardly tropical but it does stop the water from freezing, and if any bird was particularly cold, they could perch on the wire fire guard above it. We had a power cut a few weeks ago, power off for 4 hours during the night, and I was worried sick too, but couldnt do a thing about it, they would have been terrified if I'd gone up there poking around in the dark, (they have a 6watt nightlight too)

We've got a snow warning here for tomorrow night too, but hopefully it won't be -18. OMG.

oldcrow61 said...

Aw, thanks Nic. Jan, I was thinking about you at the time as you have birds and I figured you would be in the same state I was.