Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't think I've ever seen a March month thats been this cold. -18C last night. I'm more than a little fed up with it and getting cabin fever to boot. I can only hope that this won't last much longer. With the couple of days earlier this month with a bit of rain and milder temperatures, about six to eight inches of solid ice had built up on the wood pile. This morning we had to go out with the sledge hammer and beat it apart. Couldn't get all the ice off it but brought a load inside anyway. So, had to go to the store, came back, fire was out. What else did I expect with the wood being so damn wet. So, cut up a cardboard box, got some newspaper, more splits and tried again. It's going good now and hope it continues as I'm having company in for supper tonight.

Not much else happening in this neck of the woods. My daughter may come for a visit on Saturday but if there is any sign of snow that won't happen. I can't blame her as the highway can be pretty bad when it's snowing. Now, I check out the long range forecast and they are calling for snow on Sunday and Monday. Argh!!

Although it's chilly today, the sun is shinning so took a few pictures of the regular visitors to the feeders.

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