Monday, March 17, 2008


Another 50 cm. of heavy blowing snow going to hit us starting later today. Once the plow goes by there will be 100 cm in the driveway. Five foot icicles hanging off this little house. The bay is frozen over, hands are frozen typing this, cat just threw up.....sob....I can't stand it any more. What a way to start the day. Anyway, enough of that! Can't do anything about it. Back and forth to the feeders once again. Poor birds! Got to try to haul the ladder down and put suet blocks in the suet feeders.

I'm loaded down with eggs as the chickens have been laying every day. Don't know how many dozens I've given away. Yesterday I fried up a dozen for the crows. They were leaving the feeder with so much in their beaks that you couldn't see their heads, lol. Saw a Robin on a branch by the window so chopped up some apple and got some berries out of the freezer to put out, hoping he would see it. It was eaten by something. Put more out this morning. Well, got to do a wash now and hope I don't accidentally dye the mans white undershorts pink as I did last time. lol




Pete said...

big hugs poor OC!!

like the Robin

Border Reiver said...

is that blue jay really that cold, he's lost all his colour? :-) Lovely birds blue jays, something unreal about them especially when under lit by the snow. Unlike other postings, send some snow my way, I love it...just for a while at least

Janine said...

Bet the birds are glad of that egg. Lovely photos as always.