Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Had this blog just about finished when the power went...I AM NOT HAPPY! So, to start again.

Was up early this morning and had an email from our good friends saying that yesterday they had to have one of their cats put down. Liver disease, cancer. They are devastated! He was a huge, lovable boy, more like a teddy bear than a cat. The same thing happened to our Thomas a couple of years ago and to tell the truth, I still don't think we are quite over it. So sad when these things happen.

It's been a sunny day but wind has been coming from the North for days now so it was chilly. Decided to do some weeding early morning as with the chill the black flies wouldn't be bothering me. My heart wasn't in it really so didn't get much done. Then we decided to go buy some grass seed as an area that was quite wet during spring doesn't seem to be coming along very well with regards to grass. Have the seed down now and my main worry was that the chickens would eat it all, but they are not bothered with it...yet.

Spent a while sitting on the deck. Finches coming and going. It's funny because I rarely saw a finch before this year but now they are back and forth all day long. Took some pictures. I know, I know, I've put on lots of finch pictures. What can I say....here they are.

And then we have "Chicken at Rest"


JMEC said...

COMO MOLAN........

Tricia said...

I love your finches - and there's no such thing as too many pictures - especially yours OC :)

Cicero Sings said...

Your finches are so very red! I've never seen such red ones ... not on this end of the country anyway.

Always sad to lose a pet.

As for chickens ... I kind of like chickens. I could watch them for hours. Some people think they are dumb ... and even if they are not all that bright they are interesting!!! and comforting with their cluckings and murmurings!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Love the finches but then loved the little chicken at rest shot so much at the end...thanks for visiting my blog old friend...I have some serious catching up and reading to do here...your blog looks wonderful and full of birds...hope all is well..cheers.

Jo said...

I hear that about the power going out. We live on this mountain ridge and I hate to see a storm come because usually it means we are going to be out of power for a while. The last time it was sunny out though and all of a sudden the power was gone. I called it in and 6 hours later we got a recorded call back that it would be out for another 6 hours. A logging company that has been raping the woods felled a tree on a power line cause the transformer to blow.

Great photos, as always. Have a great day.