Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sun then Thunder and Heavy Rain

It's now lovely and sunny. I spent most of Friday morning banging together a two platform feeder. The one I had up for years came crashing down earlier this spring and as the birds really like the platforms I figured it was time to make one, well two. Now I have one high up on either side of a large tree trunk. I figured it would take the birds a while to get use to it but they immediately landed. Very pleased with myself I was.

Saturday it rained off and on. The ground in places is very muddy, everything is soaked what will all the rain. At five pm. I had company in for food and drink. Had a grand time. Ate too much as usual when I have people in. Got to bed late so am feeling a bit stunned today.

We decided to go get a movie for tonight. Just want to get my jammies on and chill out. We went to the store to see what was available. I had a recent Richard Gere movie in my hand, himself had a Steven Segal. I looked at his and made a face, then I saw the look on his face and I relented. Sigh! Now, I have to admit that I found Steven Segal very sexy one time but he seems to have put on a lot of pounds over the years and I'm not so excited about him anymore. Shall we say that he doesn't move like he use to when he was younger. lol

Took a walk around the garden and got a few pictures.

Then I found this little angel asleep on a rock.

Saw this fly and he kept still long enough for me to take the picture.

I believe this is a Pine Grosbeck. Only saw one here once before. Managed to get just this photo before he flew off.

I think this is a Siskin.

Bleeding Heart

Sign holding up well after going through two winters of harsh weather.


Jo said...

I loved the pictures today. I got out my trusty Backyard Bird book and sure enough that is a siskin. It is a pine siskin according to the Stokes.

Wow what a camera ham that fly is. I wish these birds would sit still long enough to get close ups that good.

Thanks for sharing your paradise with us.

Pete said...

uhm yes it is a siskin but I don't think that's a grosbeak.

have a look at Crossbill (think it may be two barred but no guide to hand). If you look at the beak it crosses over

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, well now I'm not quite sure. Looking at book, it could very well be a white winged crossbill. If so it's a first.

Pete said...

i'm not sure now!!! any others? or can you email me photo?

Pete said...

ok well i think loxia leucoptera. which over there is white winged crossbill and is called two barred over here