Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I never know what to blog about, I wish I were a chatty type person but alas, I'm not. I envy people who can talk about their day and make it sound so interesting. It's raining here today, which is a good thing as we haven't had any for ages and the ground is welcoming it. Inside the house it's feeling damp and a little chilly so I decided to put the fire in. A nice warmth enveloping me now. I always think there's nothing better than a wood stove for the wonderful heat coming from it. Such a lazy day, Roger just went through a suitcase full of photographs he had taken over the years and threw out at least half of them. I did manage to grab up a few that I wanted to save. So he's now off on his walk and I'm sitting at the computer. Don't feel like doing anything really but relax and read a good book.

Sunday we were invited to afternoon tea at a friends house. There were seven of us and it was lovely. Buns, biscuits, cheeses, jams, spreads and fruits, all wonderful. It put me in mind of my grandmother who always had afternoon teas. Such great memories.

Yesterday afternoon a neighbour dropped by. Had a nice chat. Then a friend of Rogers wanted some help getting buckets of peat down the road so the boys went off. Came back about an hour later so as the sun was getting close to going over the yard arm, wine was served. All in all a nice afternoon.

I haven't taken many pictures this past few days. We went down to the beach as there were loads of dragonflies flitting about the bridge that goes across the river before you get to the beach. Of course the dragons weren't landing and the smell of rotting sea weed was so bad that I had to get out of there. Smelled putrid. Will have to try another day I expect. I did see a handsome spider in the bathroom this morning but couldn't get a good picture. I went back to try again but he had disappeared.

For now, just odds and ends of pictures I've taken lately.

These are two sheds on a friends property. I do love little old structures.

The sun was coming in the window lighting up some plants. The second picture didn't really capture the light on the plant too well.

Ok, ok, I like skulls, skeletons and knives, lol

Got the light fixture in picture at a flea market on the weekend for $4.00. Can't beat that and I'm well pleased with it.

And last but not least, a woodie. Such big feet. Not many birds around now. Don't know where they've all gone. Guess they are getting lots of natural food.

That's it, I'm off.


Tricia said...

OC - I can assure you that "chatty" bloggers aren't always the "best" bloggers.

I always enjoy your blog posts - (one of my favourites being your "Wot he got" post - which was brief, but said it all!) and you're one of the first I visit each day.

Keep it up as you are - you're a great blogger and I enjoy your days!

Cicero Sings said...

It is hard to know what to post about sometimes ... especially when one hits a stretch of rather mundane days ... not bad days ... just ordinary days. You do a fine job of writing up!

Your house looks like a house kids would love to do explores in! As for the sheds ... old buildings just lend them selves to pictures and peeks in the window. How can one pass one by?

Boulmer Birder said...

Hi OC,
When you think that you have nothing much to post, think about who reads it anyway. Most of us are scattered across the globe and are grateful for just a peep into that lovely place you live in. A quiet day for one would set the pulse racing for another...
Keep up the good work, its just great.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks for all your kind comments, I didn't expect them really. I don't feel so bad now about not having much to say.

farmlady said...

I love the inside of your home. Did I know you in the 60's? Did you live here in California? You home is so Berkeley, San Francisco, Big Sur etc. Very interesting!!! More photos please.

As for writing...., just write. Your're doing just fine.

oldcrow61 said...

farmlady, lol, no I never lived in the states. Although I've been called an overaged hippie. lol

Jo said...

Wonderful post. I so enjoy my visits here with you and your wonderful sancuary for all critters wild.

have a great weekend.

avalon said...

your blog is wonderful and your photos are great, and we all get to see some of your beautiful house and gardens keep it up. So nice to have lazy weekends like that!