Friday, July 18, 2008

Not so Lazy Summer Days.

Because I got it in my mind to make a Rose garden. Not that I need another garden, I have more than one person can handle already but, I have a few rose bushes that are in odd places so figured I would move them with three that I have in one area. This means digging up the ground to make the space. What a job! I have a bench that I want to put in this particular garden with an arch going over it so that I can put the climbing rose bush that I have there and you can sit on the bench under a bower of Roses....eventually. Of course I can't move the Rose bushes at this point but thought that if I had the ground prepared, the biggest job would be over with.

The weather has been fantastic. Lots of tourists and people with summer homes around now. So many unfamiliar faces. Although there was a wee bit of a nip in the air of autumn the other day, summer is going on as it should. In fact, sometimes we have lovely weather right up until the end of October. I'm just hoping that the snow doesn't start in November like it did last year. It makes winter seem so long.

A few pictures I took this week.

A few Juncos have hung around this summer. Loads at the feeders in the winter.


Jan said...

Lovely photos oc, the butterflies are beautiful. Glad you are having some good weather. Wish we were. Bloody freezing and grey and drizzly here again. It makes me so bad tempered and niggly, everything and everyone gets on my nerves if you know what I mean. Grrrr.

Janine said...

Great butterfly shots! Good luck with the rose garden.

Cicero Sings said...

Lovely fluttrby pictures.

Ah, tourists. The Save-On (our main grocery store) was jamb packed today. Customers were lined up in one big line and being directed to the next available till. We had a hand carry basket with more than 15 items but they let us go to the quick check out anyway! Thank goodness. It is very busy all summer but today was the most I've ever seen. Come September, things get back to normal.