Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sun shining, still smiling.

Looks like it's going to be a busy summer family wise. My brother and his wife are coming home for ten days the end of the month from the states. Their daughter and her boyfriend are also coming at the same time from Australia. They will be staying at their house just outside of the city and throwing a big party, so I hear. Don't know if we'll get in for it as it would have to be just an overnighter and it's a three hour drive there and back. We shall see.

Grandson is in Amsterdam at the moment with a couple of friends from university. Granddaughter and her partner in Ontario have just moved to another Ontario town and she and grandson are hoping to come here for a holiday in August. Can't wait to see them.

Weather is holding nicely. Warm and it!

I do like spiders, but not on me. If I see one on me I tend to do that strange yelling dance while tearing clothes off. lol. Finally found a web with spider this morning.

Lunch is served.

Beauties in the garden.

Pathway into another section of garden.

Just for fun, not real reptiles. Wish they were. Love reptiles.


Yoke said...

Love the pictures, and I do hope you'll manage to see brother plus entourage somehow.

It looks like a great garden to lose yourself in and to find a little peace & quiet when the "youngsters" of the family are coming.

What is the blue bird? Can you give names of those kind of aliens for us at the other side of the Atlantic?

Great to use the hen for white- detail pictures.


oldcrow61 said...

Hi Yoke, The blue bird is a Blue Jay and the other one is a male Hairy Woodpecker. Both daily visitors among others.

Cicero Sings said...

Ha! I'm with you where spiders are concerned.

Love the hen picture ... my, what fat little legs she has. Nice to be able to have chickens!

Glad you are enjoying some lovely sunny weather.

Enjoy all your up-coming visits!

Janine said...

Great macro spider OC. Also love the driftwood your snake is basking on ;)

Jo said...

Ohh my that spider sure is wicked looking up close isn't it??

Your bird photos are outstanding as usual. I so enjoy visiting here.

Sounds as if you are going to have a busy summer. Last year was our busy summer with company coming. Before I knew it summer was gone and it was winter already.

farmlady said...

Charming! I have a fear of spiders but I admire them. Great shots of this one.
Lovely garden. It must be every moist there. Everything looks so lush.

Tricia said...

Spiders - great pics (all of them) but I won't linger too long in looking at the spidery ones!

Sounds as though you're in for a great, but busy, family time OC. Have fun!

st said...

Is that lizard dangerous.;)