Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

It's a day for us for just relaxing, reading, napping and making an early night of it. It's been a cold day, -10 C nearly all day and going down to -18 C tonight. The sun has been shinning but not giving much warmth.

Christmas Eve we had friends come. They all brought food and drink. I wasn't expecting this so with the food I had we had more than enough. It was a great evening. One of our friends who has a wonderful voice sang a couple of songs, lot's of story telling and laughter. The food was wonderful and along with the wine, etc., I made Irish coffees near the end of the evening. The ice candles that friends brought at Yule were still frozen solid so I placed them up the walkway again.

Christmas day, rain. The ice candles melted. We opened our presents after we had our coffee poured. I've nearly finished a box of chocolates and the thought of eating one at this point makes me feel quite nauseous, lol. We were invited out to friends house for Xmas dinner. A lovely meal with plum pudding with a rum butter sauce for dessert. I was so full that before long I was falling asleep, lol. We got back home fairly early in the evening and it wasn't long before we climbed into bed. Sunday we're invited to another friends house for brunch. I daresay I'll be on a diet after New Years.

There still haven't been many birds about. Monday when it was snowing there were quite a few Juncos about and a couple of Evening Grosbeaks were at one of the feeders.

Cat looking wistfully out the window.


Tricia said...

Sounds as though a great time was had by all OC :D

flydragon said...

I've never seen an evening grosbeak here. We get the red breasted ones in the spring for about a week before they move on, but never an evening. They're so cute.

Cicero Sings said...

I'm already full of being full! I can't wait for the partying to end so I can eat NORMALLY again.

Pete said...

enough to eat then oc? ;)

Janine said...

Irish coffees, yum!

Border Reiver said...

Good to see your frosted windows again oldcrow, I loved them last year. Keep warm and enjoy your meagre rations :-) All the best.