Thursday, December 11, 2008

So....I go to bed last night and himself stays up to watch a program on PBS. I read for a while then turn light off and go to sleep. A voice by the side of the bed:

"Stanley is hauling the decorations off the tree and I can't get him to stop."

"Uh huh." says I and drift off to sleep again.

Some time later:
"He's now pulled off half the lights and I've thrown them back up as I don't know where you had them."

Awake now and muttering a few expletives, I stomp out of the bedroom.
He says:
"We'll have to put stuff under the tree so he can't get at it."

I am NOT in a good mood!
Stanley is still at it and I have a heck of a time trying to get him out from under the tree. Finally manage it and start looking around for things to hamper his way.

Himself suggests that I pile xmas presents underneath tree.

"He'll rip all the papers off them." I say. So I'm stomping around trying to find stuff to fix the situation. We now have large vases and ornaments beneath said tree and cats can't get under. Ah, the joys of the season!

I finished the kitchen ceiling yesterday, at least as much as it's going to be finished at this time. Looks much better. I still haven't got the cards done out. I started to do them last night but friends came by so I put them to one side hoping to get that job done today. There simply doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done. I seem to be so busy lately and don't ask doing what, because it seems to be all sorts of small stuff.

I've been flooded with memories of Christmas's past lately. Always at my grandparents house. Christmas Eve family and friends would come by with gifts. Drinks and food would be served. After much talk and laughter someone would go to the piano, everyone would gather around and sing Carols. It was wonderful. Of course me being a small girl, I would be waiting anxiously for the morning when I'd steal down stairs to see what Santa had brought. The evening would end with everyone singing "Bless this House." Christmas morning, grandmother would be bustling around the kitchen making preparations for the big dinner to which family were invited. Leaves would be added to the dining room table and all the good china and crystal would be brought out. I can still smell the wonderful food cooking and the Carols being played. People would start arriving and dinner would be served ending with a wonderful plum pudding with caramel sauce. Always after that the TV would be turned on to hear the Queens Christmas message. The adults in particular would be so full of food that they'd be dozing off. Some of my little friends would come by to see what Santa brought me and grandmother would serve us each a glass of syrup and a piece of xmas cake. Ah, the memories. What I wouldn't give to have my grandparents around for just one more Christmas. But, I do have wonderful memories to keep with me.

We've had a brush of snow. Not many birds around which I find surprising. I did see some Juncos a couple of days ago so I guess they are on their way back here for the winter. I did get this picture of the smaller woodpecker this morning.


Cicero Sings said...

One more example that "cats rule"!

Loved reading about your Christmas memories.

Carin Fuchs said...

LOL That sounds familiar! And I am sure Stanley had a rather pleased look on his face! LOL LOL

Tricia said...

Stanley does chose his moments eh!

That was an amazing post OC and such happy memories - lovely!

laurie said...

Pictures of said tree with lights askew, vases underneath and oblivious cat Please...
bahhahahaha...Glad I can avoid all that.
Great memories Mom, I have some of those myself

J said...

I already know I'm in for torture when I decorate. ShellBee is already in one of her 'tearing up jack'. She loves tissue paper.*heavy dramatic sigh of a martyr* ;)
I really enjoyed your memories. We seem to have many things in common.

Yoke, said...

Lovely post, Crow.
very visual, I (and my cat) can picture the tree.

We avoid it all with having no tree.

Juli said...

ah yes, cats and trees or, cats and anything you don't on or into :)

we had a very similar little woodpecker on our very similar little suet cage the other day. Do you make your own suet cakes ? I would love the recipe if you do and I'll post my recipe as well :)