Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lazy Day

What great friends I have, not only when the TV hit the floor did they come and fix it, and putting the card in the cell phone but the other day the fan on the computer was making a noise so had the computer off all day and they came over that night and fix that up. The fan was hitting the grill that covers it. Not only that but I had done something when shutting the computer down earlier in the day and couldn't get into it after fan was fixed. Friends had to put on windows xp disk and get it cleaned up. I told them if they saw my number show up on their phone again.....don't answer, lol.

Cleaned out the chicken house yesterday and found an egg in one of the boxes. I came running into the house to show him inside with egg held high as if I had a pot of gold. Then, today I checked and lo and behold, another one. How strange for this time of year. The don't usually start again after molting until early spring. It's too cold to let them out around today so they are spending their time in their greenhouse area. I just went out with some treats for them and stay and chat for awhile. They tell me that they're a bit disgruntled about it all. Ah well, maybe tomorrow it will be a little warmer I tell them.

It's a cold overcast day so have spent the better part of it inside. According to the weather report, we may have some shoveling to do tomorrow.

I stuffed a large pine cone with peanut butter and hung it from a tree branch. The little squirrel is enjoying it. I didn't figure he could resist such temptation.

The larger woodpecker was around.

Can you see a chick a dee in this picture, lol. I'm having the worse time trying to get pictures of them as they are moving so fast back and forth to the feeders these days.


flydragon said...

What a treasure trove of friends you have. Do they travel?
We had chickens when I was young but I didn't know/remember that they stopped laying for a while. Interesting. Love your bird and squirrel photos as usual.

Cicero Sings said...

amazing how little things can amuse/thrill us so!!

You tell those hens of yours that they should be glad they aren't in the Cariboo at the moment ... too count their blessings ... they have free reign of the green house after all.

I bought the Pileated a proper suet holder ... just for him ... and he came in this morning to check it out. Thank you very much ... he said. (Cariboo birds are VERY grateful ... ha!)

Tricia said...

What great neighbours you have OC :D

Your hens sound as though they like bad weather is little as us humans do.

Your little chic a dee looks very like our Blackcap - and I know what you mean about getting a picture so - well done!

Jan said...

Aww glad to see that little squirrel again, so cute I want to squidge him. :o )

Roses and Lilacs said...

Winter is so hard for animals. I'm sure they really appreciate the treats.