Friday, June 19, 2009


Himself went off on Sunday headed for Spain. He says that a couple of health problems he's had have left him since he's been there. I think it must be a bit of a coming home for him as he spent 20 years in Spain. As to me here, I haven't stopped working in the garden since he left. It seems I get a lot of weeding done and a day or two later I'm astonished at how many of the weeds have come back. It seems an unending job and I don't know how many more years I can keep it up. If I had a half a dozen fast workers here for a day I would have it all done.

At the moment I'm waiting for my parents to show up. I worry about them on the highway as my father is almost 90 years old, has a bad hearing loss and can only see out of one eye. Can you see why I'm worried!! He was suppose to have his eye fixed up this month but they've changed his appointment to September.

It's another glorious day. Yesterday it reached 32 C here in the garden. There have been a few butterflies around but haven't been able to get pictures, same with the bees. I'm still looking for a dragonfly. I must look back at my pictures and see when I started seeing them last year.

Still not a lot in bloom yet although everything is growing wonderfully well. I think this is going to be the best year yet for the plants. A few pictures I've taken around.

Female Finch

Blue Jay bashing a sunflower seed.

In my wanderings, I came across this little angel asleep in the grass.

I believe these are call Cups and Saucers. Not sure though.


I've never found out what these are called but look quite nice in drifts.



ShySongbird said...

My goodness 32 degrees! Your temperatures seem to shoot around as much as ours (more in fact)! A lovely post, your Blue Jay looks like a bigger version of our Blue Tit. I'm glad in the replies on your previous post you mentioned you are Canadian born and bred as I too was going to ask if you were British born due to your mention of Hovis, it has been going strong for years here although I don't think it is quite as 'home made' as they would like us to think ;)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning, your yellow topped plant looks like Euphorbia polychroma or commonly called cushion spurge.

The heat has settled in down here in IL. Last night was the first time I had trouble sleeping because it was so muggy. My garden is loving all this rain and it will be happy with the heat too. This should give the tomatoes a boost.

Pete said...

it was only last week it was snowing!!!!

Tricia said...

OOoh time on your own OC - lovely :D

I can empathise with your feelings about your Dad driving - Mum's the same age and although her eyesight is OK......

My goodness! 32 degrees - seems you go from freezing snow to tropical heat overnight where you are!

Your birds, plants and pictures are great and I would love to have a Sleeping Angel amongst the plants in my garden.

oldcrow61 said...

Shy songbird, the hovis may not taste the same to me now as it did when growing up. I would like to try it though, just to see, lol.
Lilacs and Roses, thanks for the ID of that plant. I told my mom what it was called and she suddenly remembered hearing it called that years ago. Now I have to tell more people who have it growing in their gardens.
Pete and Tricia, it doesn't stay hot here for a long period of time. Got chilly again last night.

Ali said...

I especially love that angel! I hope your husband has a good trip to Espana! I know what you mean too about the weeds. My late dad used to say he grew more rocks than anything else in his patch! LOL!