Friday, June 12, 2009

The other day someone emailed me a video of an advertisement that's won an award in Britain and the ad was for Hovis Bread. What memories that has brought back. When I was growing up we could buy it in the shops and I loved it. As I recall it was a small, heavy, dark bread. Hmmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if I googled how to make Hovis Bread, if I'd have any luck. I'm afraid not! There seems to be not only some secret ingredients but ways of making some of the stuff that goes into it that the regular cooks couldn't do. Now I'm wondering if it's sold in the city somewhere. I really have to check that out. Maybe in some speciality shop!

We finished painting the front porch yesterday. It was the first bit of sun we've had all week and raining again today. All that's left to do now is around the back of the house which I'll do while himself is away.

The grey Jays are back and forth. I don't see them very often so I'm assuming they have young nearby.

Chicken in among the St. John's Wort.

Another chicken.

Speaking of chickens, I planted Dahlia bulbs the other day and yesterday when walking past that area I saw they were all on top of the ground scattered about. Then the night before last while covering up some annuals I went over to a small area where I had planted a few marigolds. It was empty. Strange, I thought to myself, I was sure I planted flowers here. Puzzled I looked under some of the perennials close by.....there they were, all kicked out of the ground and under other plants. Ah, the joys of having chickens, lol.

White Throated Sparrow. He wanted to get to one of the feeders but the bigger birds were keeping him away.


Cicero Sings said...

Hovis bread ... I haven't heard of that in years ... but it's there, back in the recesses of my mind ... a pleasant recess.

Oh those chickens!

Tricia said...

Oh that advertisement does evoke such memories as you say OC.

My daughter used to live in the town where some of it was filmed - the cobbled street going up the hill (if that's in the version you have?)

I do hope you manage to find some!

The white-throated sparrow's a very pretty bird! Hope he gets some food soon :) And those naughty chickens :D

Anonymous said...

I never knew Hovis was once sold in Canada. Personally, I prefer Kingsmill brand here. But perhaps the Hovis recipe has changed from what it was.

Your photos are gorgeous, as always.


Janine said...

The chicken in the St. Johns wort looks quite content. After a hard day of digging up bulbs, time to relax in the herbs.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Those gray jays are interesting. That is something we never see here in my area.

A robin scratched up a couple of my tiny seedlings while searching thru the leaf mulch. I can imagine chickens can do a lot of damage.

St said...

I'll post you some hovis, It won't be edible , but it's the thought tha..............

Gold hill is what you call the street and i wouldn't go down on a bike for love or money or a hovis loaf.

avalon said...

I shan't be able to eat a slice of hovis without thinking of you now , Mmm nearly lunch time i feel a hovis sandwich coming on!!!! You will just have to come over to the uk and sample some.

Bimbimbie said...

Your sparrows are quite chic looking with that touch of yellow and a white throat compared to the usual house sparrows.

Hovis bread was a special weekend treat at Grans when I was growing up in the UK ... is that where you grew up too?

oldcrow61 said...

Bimbimbie, I was born and grew up here in Newfoundland and we were a British Colony until 1949 when we joined Canada. We were educated under the British system even after Confederation, although it's changed now. The radio station at the time was BBC and as a little girl I remember listening to children's programs. So, a lot of things at that time came from Britain and I'm assuming that's why we had Hovis bread.