Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been over cast with rain and drizzle pretty well all week. Granddaughter and daughter arrived on Tuesday and we've been on the go off and on despite the weather. Yesterday it cleared up for a while and we had friends over in the evening. We were sitting outside when it started to rain so it was back inside again. They've both gone off for lunch which gives me a chance at the computer.

There are two icebergs off Salvage but too far off shore to get a shot. They just look like two dots on the horizon.

Lovely granddaughter and lovely daughers elbow, lol.

I haven't used the camera all week so yesterday while the sun was shining I walked around looking for insects. Not much to be found so took a few pictures of a couple of parts of the garden.
The first Rose of the season has bloomed.

The Wild Iris's are now blooming.

Laurie in the garden.

There's still not a lot in bloom but with all the rain we've had this week the garden is exploding it seems.


Dixxe's Doodles said...

HI Old Crow---your Garden looks very lush and green--now we have started our drought period--and that will mean lots of watering to keep it going. Enjoy your beautiful flowers...and your family!

Ali said...

Your garden is beautiful, as are the ladies of your family. They must get it from you. The roses are blooming like gangbusters over here too. Nothing prettier than a big, blowsy, full scented English rose. So much nicer than the seriously overpriced cultured variety.


Tricia said...

Oh I do love your garden OC and your garden "people" (althugh it seem more like an estate!).

Sounds as though you're having a good time with Laurie and your granddaughter :)

Hope the weather cheers up soon though!

Pete said...

lovely garden oc! nice to see the girls.

oldcrow61 said...

Dixie, it's been great having the girls here.

Ali, I agree there's nothing like the old fashioned roses. The scent is heady.

Tricia, it's not quite an estate,lol, lol.

Pete, yep, it's been fun with them here.

Cicero Sings said...

You've a lovely yard and garden ... and lovely to have the company of your girls!