Monday, June 01, 2009

Bees and other stuff.

It's a wonderful summery day. Sunshine and warmth, what more could one ask for. First off this morning while pouring myself a coffee I heard a buzzing sound quite close, then far off. It was moving pretty fast and really it just looked like a dark insect. Hmmm, I thought, wonder what that is, as I heard the buzzing quite close once again. Still didn't see what it was, then buzzing closer and closer and from the corner of my eye the dark thing was on my shoulder. Well, this called for a scream and that little dance one does when some bug is on them that they don't like. The noise was enough to get himself out of bed yelling "What's happened, what's going on." I explained what happened, took my coffee and sat at the computer. The thing was after all in the kitchen somewhere. "It's a big wasp" I hear shouted out from said kitchen. Now, had I known what it was I wouldn't have been in such a panic.. Himself managed to get it out the door.

So, now I'm ready to paint the outside of the house. Did some scrapping last night so I was ready to go. I got the ladder in place and decided to sit down for a few minutes to think about it all and get geared up for the job. After a few moments I had decided that I really didn't want to do this. Right, called the women who do odd jobs, they came to have a look, and now on Friday, weather permitting I'll have the house painted. It'll cost a bit but heigh ho it will be worth it and I can continue on with the garden.

Saw the first dragonfly of the season, camera in the house. I did go and get the camera but it was gone. So, I put down the shovel and did a walk around.

I don't know what kind of bee this is, assuming it is a bee.

This one was a huge bee. Not the best picture but you've gotta love those hairy legs.

And one more.

Some garden shots.

Then I thought I'd look for some "arty" shots. I saw this vase on the table with part of the house I had scraped and thought it looked interesting.

And a few more around and about.


flydragon said...

Love that shot with the vase and scraped siding!!! Glad it's warming up for you finally.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Painting is one of my least favorite chores. I will do almost anything to avoid it;)

This morning I came inside after taking the dog out and found a huge June bug on my shirt. I kept swatting it but it was stuck there like glue. Eeek!

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Your Bee shots are FAB!..that first little guy I call it a hummingbird bee but I dont have a clue of the real ID on it. Everything is so green and lush in your must have a great green thumb!
The painting I dont mind its the up and down of the ladder that gets to me...Im sure you will get a great result with your hired lady.

Tricia said...

I love it when you take us round your garden OC; wonderful pictures (especially the bee) and your first garden shot is so peaceful.

(Well done on offloading the painting - it must be a relief to know you haven't got to gear yourself up to do it anymore - even though it costs!)

Gallicissa said...

Congrats on your first dragonfly!
I think the dragonflies know when you do not have your camera! Look forward to your first dragon pic for this season.

Ali said...

I love your Buddha! I'm passing this wee blog quiz onto you OC, if you care to participate.


Stewart said...

Hi OC that small buzzy thing is a Bee Fly. Not a bee, but a different family of insect that searches for nectar. I saw my first one this year too.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Stewart. Great to know just what it is. Always interesting information from you.

Cicero Sings said...

ee-uuuu ... painting is not something I like to do. Good for you to parcel it out.

Bugs on the shoulder get me a dancing too. Right now we are plagued with deer fly and I've had 3 bites already. I HATE deer fly bites. I make a charcoal plaster for them ... it keeps them from lasting forever!

Yoke, said...

Love the round through the garden.

well done on passing on the painting job.

great pictures.