Saturday, May 30, 2009


It's been raining most of today. We went to a yard sale this morning and we both came away with a couple of books each. Then, as we were going by the greenhouses I figured I might as well pick up a few more annuals plus some tomato plants. Still can't put any of the annuals I've bought over this past few weeks in the ground or pots yet. The danger of frost is still real although they say that there is a full moon in about a week so after that it should be safe.

We still haven't painted the house yet but I'm getting anxious to get it done and over with now. A picture of the colours. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show them as they really are. What looks like black is really a very dark brownish/purple and what looks like yellow is really a creamy colour. And the red is not that dark and red looking. We might just try to get two women in the area who do odd jobs to give us a hand. We're still thinking about that. Then a friend suggested that we throw a party and give everyone a paint brush, lol.

So many birds coming back and forth to the feeders and lots of bird song in early morning and at dusk. The grey jays must be nesting nearby as they've been back and forth as well and I hadn't seen them since last year. I might have told this story before.....when I first brought Roger here, one day he was sitting on the deck having a sandwich for lunch. I was inside for some reason when he comes running in yelling that I wouldn't believe him but a Woodpecker had jumped on his arm and was tearing off bits of the sandwich he was holding in his hand. I, of course, didn't think it was a Woodpecker so I went back outside with him. There it is, he said. I had to laugh, it was a Grey Jay. They are so friendly and will hop on your hand to take food from your palm.

I was outside early a couple of evenings ago hoping to find some bugs to take pictures of, no luck! I did see something fly up in one of the trees and on further inspection, saw that it was a grouse.

Blue jay on bird bath.


Ali said...

Wow! Red for the main house colour....I'm trying to picture it. Its bold, that's for sure. Despite the recent flurries, everything looks lovely and green. I think its safe to say Summer has arrived (finally) in England!


Dixxe's Doodles said...

The colors you have chosen are thrilling!..I know that is going to be awesome. Thats a wonderful story about the Jay...they are quiet forward!
Wonderful photos of your Grouse too. I hope you get your plants in soon, you must have a very short growing season, that always surprises me how quickly plants will grow and produce in cold climates once they get in the ground!

oldcrow61 said...

Ali, everything is growing beautifully. The colour for the main part of the house is not quite as red as in the photo....I hope, lol. Glad to hear that your finally getting summer weather.

Dixie, we have a very short growing season. Hopefully the danger of frost will soon be over.

Abe Lincoln said...

Gosh, I have never seeeeeeennnnnn a grouse in a tree in my 74 years of life. Not one. I come here and not even sure how I got here and the first thing I see is a beautiful grouse in a tree. How about that.

Abraham Lincoln
My Birds Blog

Janine said...

Great choices of color OC. I think the house will look wonderful. I was also thinking it strange to see a grouse in a tree. Nice catch.